Alert: ACB sanctioned by Galaxy FO

Discussion in 'Galaxy Supporters Clubs' started by Bilgediver, Feb 1, 2015.

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    Apparently they are upset about the streamers in the Cup final? Maybe MLS came down hard. Basically no tiff and a few other things for the first 4 weeks. Sorry, no link right now, I'll find it.
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    You guys should seriously boycott the first 4 games, and then the next game you return at full membership... wearing uniformed black shirts, sit in your seats, dont make any noise, don't cheer, sit there like monks.

    The riot squad and galaxians should do the same in protest, and at the end of the game walk out, and make a statement saying you won't return to another game until you get an official apology from MLS and The Galaxy FO.

    Believe me they will cave fast. Besides they need that money from your seats, parking, concessions, et all.

    Just DO it. you and the players unite together.
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