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Discussion in 'Soccer Boots' started by JMMUSA8, Sep 28, 2003.

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    I'm in a situation that has many twists. I play on a rec team, but its a pretty serious league. I have a teammate who is a foreign player, and very good. He has just one flaw, he doesnt pass. I play forward with him alot and I barely ever get a pass from him. Now our other forward gets more passes from him, and thats cause they've played together longer. So during a game, we would argue because i would have excellent scoring oppurtunites (alone in front of the goal with him havin a clear passing lane to me) and he didn't want to pass it. He yells at me when I'm offside (which half the time I'm not) and it pretty much gets ugly out there. Now i like playing with a player with his skill, but his selfishness when it comes to me gets aggrevating. Thats just one part of my problem. Another part is my confidence. I've only been playing the sport 4 years and i've got pretty good foot skills and a shot, but not during a game. I haven't had many games under my belt so im still developing as a player. I have my good times and bad times during a game, and i feel that i improve ever match. But lately i havent been playing well, which can be linked to my fitness level (college has hindered my time of working out) and it is causing me to lose battles that i would normally have a greater chance of winning.

    So with these battles that i lose, my teammate yells at me and gets visibaly upset with me. My confidence level drops. I work hard to show him that im not what he thinks but he doesnt show any appreciation. Now i was always taught to complement my teammates because only good things will come from it. So when he misses his weekly herd of shots, im always there after sayin "dont worry, you had him out of position, you were just off, u'll get it next time" or something of that sort. I try to be the vocal leader on the field.

    I know i shouldnt be too worried about my teammate and should concentrate on my game and how i can get myself back to the way i use to play. But it doesnt come too easy for me, so i was wondering if there is any ideas on how i should handle this situation.
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    I know the problem, some people are just arrogant and a drag to play with. Just keep demanding those passes and don't feel like you're somehow not worthy of playing with him. And don't let him yell at you - when he's saying **** about you tell him he doesn't know crap about passing. Basically stand up for yourself and you might earn some respect. I've had this problem many times, it's difficult but it is possible to change your teammates' attitude...
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    Bickering with a strike partner never accomplishes anything. If you want to play well with him, and he won't back down from his position, you have to modify yours. For starters, I would stop with the "you'll get it next time" comments. That's good for high school, not for club or serious play. Especially if he views you as an inferior player, he'd probably take that as an insult at most or an annoyance at best. Try dropping back into midfield a little. When the mids get you the ball, try and get him the ball. Setting up a play is just as important as putting one away, and if he sees that you are trying to set his table, he may start to return the favor.

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