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Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by XaviusX, Jul 5, 2005.

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    Don't know if anyone has posted this at all, but NIKESoccer.com has made these great mini Documentaries about Soccer Life in NYC, through the eyes of average, everyday soccer-playing New Yorkers. It really lifted my spirits to see how fortunate I am, not just for being from NYC myself, but for being a part of the Best Damn Sport in the World. Enjoy!

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    i saw this too and found it real neat because i go to school in the city. howwever, how accurate is it? i mean, is it possible to go to Central Park and find pickup games during the summer? last year me and some people were playing on the (i think) Great Lawn and a park worker came over and made us stop our game because we were running around on the grass. we even had a permit but he still made us stop playing. i hope this was just an isolated incident because i'd love to be able to go to play in Central Park when i return to school in late August/early September.
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    Thanks for the video link Xavius, it is a really amazing site with some fantastic footage of everyday people just following thier passions. I'm an amateur photographer/cinematographer with some web skills, so I really wish I'd thought of something like it dammit.. Still, it inspired me to start documenting the games I see more often...

    I hear you. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten kicked off of Central Park grass fields for kicking a ball around, while others like American football players and frisbee throwers never got a word said to them. Even in the fall, when they open up the North Meadow for soccer use with full goals and everything, the Park Rangers are fanatical in their permit requirements...

    The footage from Central Park was from an area that last year was still allowed to be used for soccer. It was a patch of dirt and dust that I imagine the anti-soccer parks department officials didn't mind being used for that purpose. That was last year though. This year, that area has also been closed against soccer use after being ignored for years, so it makes me wonder what they're really trying to eliminate... In any case, the game has moved north from where it used to be by the Sheep Meadow, at about 90th street or so I think. Just enter at 81st and walk up the West Park Drive to run into it. You can also find a game on the East Park Drive, around 96th or so. Salud.
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    I have seen plenty of pickup games in central park on weekends. They arent organized at all, but you can definitely find games if you ask around

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