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Discussion in 'United Soccer Leagues' started by Amazon Dad, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Amazon Dad

    Amazon Dad New Member

    Sep 17, 2003
    Manaus Brazil
    Gentlemen and Ladies too,
    Excuse my jumping in here, but I am desperate for your help.

    I am an american pop living in So. America, sense 1986.
    Baseball was my game back when, so am not keen on this sport.
    How ever my Brazilian adopted son now 17, has lived with the spotted ball sense birth.
    He is considered amoung his Brazilian peers here in Manaus as pro-stuff.

    I don't know, but can say when we lived in Peru earlier, a Peruvian pro team there offered him , a contract, school, and living. He being only 15 at the time, I dis-allowed, believing school was more pressing.

    My question?;
    Could anyone advise me as to how to go about seeking a contact to some GOOD soccer school there, a scolarship, or pro contact.
    Being here in the Amazon, I do not have great access to info?

    Secondly, what is advise, as to get the boy a chance in our american system, as he lives, eats, and plays this sport.
    I really can't say, as I know little of the game, but all I can say he consistantly scores more goals than often the whole team during any one game.

    I got him an inside pass with the Brazil National team who played Equador here in Manaus the other day.
    He bumped shoulders in the warm-up game with some of the Brazil boys, and they told me to go get him some contacts, as he was real stuff.

    So if any of you would take the time to e mail me with some advise, it would be greatly appreciated, and "just perhaps" we jointly could give the boy a chance, his shot, as he has lived, dreamed and trained for all his life for the sport.

    This has not anything to do with the fact I have raised the boy for the last 12 years, I have just watched his passion develope.

    When he was 5 years old, he got himself a job, washing the team jerseys, for a local simi-pro team in Rorima Brazil, so he could learn and participate.
    I watched one full year as he sweated his little butt off, keeping those shirts clean so he could be there in training.

    The kid deserves a shot, I just have NO IDEA how to get it for him?
    Thanks, for your time and any help you may wish to give.

    In Manaus,
    "Amazon Dad"
  2. Chris Caron

    Chris Caron New Member

    Feb 6, 2000
    Can I ask why you would want to send him to the USA to pursue a "career", rather than keeping him in Brazil? Not that i'm against it or anything but are you guys moving back to the states?
  3. Amazon Dad

    Amazon Dad New Member

    Sep 17, 2003
    Manaus Brazil
    Back in the States

    It appears like it is time to pursue my carrier back home too.
    But the advantages of further education and also the sport is MUCH more there than in Brazil.

    There are upper level quality players here in Brazil that don't make a good dishwashers wage as compaired to the states.

    Brazil certainly has its advantages too, but very limited.

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