A History of Substitutions - Mo's Managing

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by DirtyJerzey, Apr 24, 2006.

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    First game against DC: Canero for Stammler (81') Lisi for Djorkaeff (90')

    Both substitutions came after we gave the 2 goal lead. They both seemed to be defensive substitution (especially the latter) which is curious when it was apparent that DC was straight out of gas after the 70th minute. Still, getting a tie in the first away match isn't a bad result.

    Game 2 against NE: Canero for Stammler (79')

    Both Scots only use one sub during the game. Each team had chances, but I was surprised that Mo didn't use an offensive sub here (like Magee for Stammler) to try to get the win for our home opener.

    Game 3 against RSL: Stammler for Henderson (69') Thiba for Djorkaeff (79')

    The most curious of the curious. Mo opts to make a defensive substitution by taking out Henderson while the game is still tied ... against the worst team in MLS. After we actually take the lead against the run of play, we take out Djorkaeff for Thiba? Come again? Its the 79th minute and we got a 1-0 lead. Kill the game here. Of all the times you want to make an offensive oriented sub, you do it now? Put in Jolley or whatever, have 5 in the midfield and clog it up. C'mon Mo you know better.

    Game 4 against DC: Stammler for Henderson (65')

    Probably the least encouraging piece of managing. How discouraging is it when the team thats whipping your team is using all 3 of their subs and you're only using one. And Stammler for Henderson? Granted Henderson was playing like he had a touch of the Downs, but you're down 2-0. We need goals. Put Cila in there, bring Magee up top. Do something.

    I don't know what make of all these managing decisions. I like Mo. I really do. But these subs are suspect at best.
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    So is our bench. Hell, look at the starting lineup. Do you think that there is something better on the pine?
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    Just who is Thiba?
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    I'm not picking on you when I say this because I've seen a few people say the same thing...

    But why do people keep speaking of Stammler as a defender? Mo has been playing him as a straight-out midfielder the entire season, so swapping him for Henderson seems like a straight substitution.

    This isn't meant to say anything about Stammler's offensive abilities. I bring this up in terms of Mo's (probable) mindset and/or reasons for making the changes. It would seem to me that putting Stammler in isn't a case of going defensive.

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