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Discussion in 'The Beautiful Game' started by puravidamon, Jul 7, 2005.

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    Mar 16, 2005
    Over the years I have grown to love and appreciate soccer. But I have to say, it has taken a great deal of research, watching, and paying attention to understand the structure of the game. By that I mean, before I went to Europe several years ago, I had no idea, for example, what the Champions League was. Structurally, being such a WORLD game and LOCAL game, I think the reason why many Americans have not been able to get into the sport is because it is simply too much information to swallow. In as such, I am trying to put together a guide (soccer for newbies, if you will) that helps explain the game... less on how it is played on the field, but more on how it exists in structure. So, I am seeking thoughts on what information is useful. If you are interested in assisting with this guide (for which I'm still not sure what I will do with it), please consider the following question. I look forward to reading your replys:

    1) How would you rank the world's leagues/tournaments in order of importance (i.e. world cup, confederations cup, champions league, EPL, etc. etc.) I'm guessing these lists can go as far as 20 or more, considering competitions like MLS, gold cup, etc.

    This is my starting point to understanding the structure so that it is not so daunting for a budding fan. I want to include general tournament/league dates, big names, league styles, some history, terminology (caps, transfers, etc). amd more.. so any extra thoughts are appreciated.


    - Jarrett
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    You've asked a question that would take a really long time to answer fully which is why I think no one has answered you yet. So for the sake of perhaps helping out a bit with some information....and more likely from bumping this thread.....

    World Cup is probably the most important tournament in the world if for no other reason than exposure. Just about every football fan in the world pays attention to it. After the World Cup, the European Cup is probably the most important tournament as far as national teams are concerned....although many South American posters would argue with this and would have good points to make.

    As for league play....I'll only mention the EPL since that's what I follow. Winning the league is the most important thing for any English team. After that, winning the FA Cup is probably the next most important thing followed by the Carling Cup. With regard to English teams that make the CL or the UEFA Cup....I still think that winning the league is more important.....but I don't know....ask a Liverpool fan and they might say something different.
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    An ambitious but doable project. My advice would be to not rank leagues and competitions. Simply inform about them, maybe even add opinions about their value, but to create a top-down ranking is useless. While some tournaments are obviously more valuable than others, to the average fan what matters is what their team plays in.

    Explaining the many different tournaments and who can play in each doesn't require deciding for the reader which one is more important than the other. The furthest I would go would be to make categories. World Cup. Continental Nations Cups. Other tournaments for National teams, and friendlies. Then separate club stuff by region and have a separate part for inter-regional club competitions.
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    Jun 24, 2005
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    I also wouldn't rank the competitions. I would just concentrate on the structure, like: This is FIFA. It is the governing body and they organize the World Cup every four years and a year prior to that the Confed Cup...the FIFA has six menber confederations and each of them organizes a continental cup for their national teams...

    On Club level, pretty much every country has a national championship - usualy with a league system - and a national cup. On top of that there are continental competitions...
  5. lamrof

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    Apr 8, 2005
    in order of importance for soccer fans as a whole, without considering country of origin.

    1. World cup.
    2. continental championships, such as, the European cup, Copa America,African Nations cup, Asian chapmponships, CONCACAF,
    3. Copa Libertadores and Chapmpions leauge.
    4. Leauge championships, in importance level by country. (If you do this you are opening yourself for endless criticism. I warn you)
    - Spain, Italy, England, Germany, Holland,
    - Brazil, Argentina,Portugal, France,
    - Other European nations such as Turkey, Or south Americans such as Chile, etc..,
    5. To me all the rest, Youth, under 21, under 17, Olympic, Confed, etc... are not that important, just enjoy the competition. I particulary don't care for olympics.
  6. lamrof

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    Apr 8, 2005
    So what was the outcome.

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