9/20/03: Who you going to Call?

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    Mar 31, 2001
    page 1078
    Burn hires Soccer Nut as its GM - Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

    United States eager to Defend its World Cup Title - Cleveland Plain Dealer

    San Ramon Native back on US Team - San Francisco Chronicle

    Fire has Shot at MLS Lead against woebegone Burn - Chicago Sun-Times

    Half Empty Cup - N.Y. Post

    Wizards hope that Eight is Enough - K.C. Star

    Will you watch the Women's World Cup? - Denver Rocky Mountain News

    D.C. United vs L.A. Galaxy - Washington Post

    Donovan will help with Youth Event - San Francisco Chronicle

    Burn announces Elliot as new GM - Dallas Morning News

    Carson: Top Volleyball, Soccer set - Long Beach Press-Telegram

    Can 'Girls of Summer' win Cup, draw Fans in Fall - New Haven Register

    Tim proving Surprise Hit in Manchester - Manchester Evening News

    Burn's Interim Coach begins Trial with Fire - Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

    Next Superstars ready for World Cup's Stage - St. Petersburg Times

    Cup Fever not running over - Washington Times

    -Demise of Women's League is Liberating - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    Tiny Swede is a Titanic Scorer - Chicago Tribune

    Galaxy seek to set aside Doubts with hot United - Carson Daily Breeze

    Galaxy searches for its Focus - L.A. Times

    Norway Chance rests on a Knee - L.A. Times

    Edson Buddle returns Home with Columbus - Morris County Daily Record

    Will anyone notice World Cup? - Morris County Daily Record

    Metros vs Columbus - Newark Star-Ledger

    Closing Time - North Jersey Herald News

    Nerves over World Cup give Foudy a Kick Start - N.Y. Daily News

    Example of Patience by Absent England - N.Y. Times

    Everything different for U.S. this Time - San Jose Mercury News

    Wagner's ready for her Close-up - San Jose Mercury News

    Earthquakes at K.C. - San Jose Mercury News

    They have a Score to Settle - Boston Globe

    This World Cup full of Differences - Boston Globe

    Revs focused on Scoreboard - Boston Herald

    Same old Twellman, sort of - Haverhill Eagle Tribune

    US Women Team Capsules - South Coast Standard-Times

    World Cup sparks Interest in WUSA - South Coast Standard-Times

    Metros not thinking about Collapsing - North Jersey Herald News

    Heres the Chant no one ever Heard "W-U-S-A" - L.A. Times

    Home Field Advantage - Charleston Post & Courier

    Thunder on Road again, looking for Title - St. Paul Pioneer Press

    Wizards play on Break the Record Night - K.C. Star (day late)
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    Mar 31, 2001
    page 1078
    41 articles... and i'm sure i missed several

    gotta love saturdays
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    Jul 25, 2001
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    Thanks for the effort.
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    United States
    I guess St. Phil applies to only one "religion.":
    "When John Hendricks founded WUSA after the 1999 Women's World Cup, he and other investors asked MLS to draw up a business plan for them. Mark Abbott, MLS executive VP, did so, calling for a partnership.

    But WUSA summarily rejected it, and many in MLS felt used. No wonder major MLS investor Phil Anshutz turned WUSA down when the league came looking for money two weeks ago."


    From the same post article that called WNBA "somewhat successful"
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    Apr 6, 2001
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    : p

    The WUSA thought they'd be bigger and better than MLS and didn't want to share their successes but more importantly their failures. MLS is lucky to have St. Phil and Hunt keeping the league alive. WUSA is foolish to not have relinquished its independence in the beginning to a billionare who knows how to make billions of dollars.

    You don't make money on a fledgling soccer league by spending your entire five year budget in the first year. Even I know that.

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