8/15/02: They beat me

Discussion in 'MLS: News & Analysis' started by GPK, Aug 15, 2002.

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  2. FlashMan

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    Jan 6, 2000
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    Metros give up three goals to Chivas and Petke is redcarded for two yellows before first half ends.

    Jolley predicts MLS championship this year for Metros.

    What am I missing? Can Mathis play defense?
  3. Rodan

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    Feb 16, 1999
    Akwira apparently can play defense, so that might help.

    Even more amusing is Jolley's assertion that in the lockeroom the players never got down on eachother - when just a couple of weeks ago he was publicly slamming Petke in the press.
  4. kpaulson

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    Jun 16, 2000
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    Oh well, it's obvious that the operative words were "in the lockerroom"-- I imagine it's an island of tranquility in which players never say a harsh word to each other. All a mighty contrast to their ruffian behavior on the outside of the lockerroom, of course.

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