4/5/13 Germany vs USA

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    Hello All,

    In the vein of many prolonged discussions of style and future FIFA ranks. I am interested in a simple question.

    Who was the better team during the aforementioned game, the Friendly Match between Germany and the USA on 4/5/13?

    With a secondary question, which team played better? (some people like to separate these ideas).

    Obviously this is an American based forum and a majority of fans seem to be USWNT fans but we have many others here and I would like to hear opinions. Long answer, short answer, I just wonder what people think.
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    Well, two years ago before WC 2011, I thought based on development of our new generation, we had already surpassed US and would dominate everything in the next 5-6 years. However the last two years proved otherwise. US certainly has the best women football at the moment and I think they 'll keep this status at least in the next few years. Germany is and (I think) will remain no.2 until 2015. After 2015 , we must see how Women football will be developed.

    About the freindly, I think overall Germany got a lucky 3-3.
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    You get the feeling that the 2015 WWC Final will be USA vs. Germany.
    But that's not a guarantee obviously.

    USA will have to be careful of Sweden. Sweden ALWAYS plays the U.S. tough at the senior level in meaningful matches. And the U.S. will also have to be cautious of Brazil. The U.S. never plays great against Brazil in meaningful tournament matches, and has to rely on superhuman adrenalin, fitness, clutch, and perseverance to get by. The U.S. won't have a problem with France until France improves their defense and goalkeeping. Morgan, Press, Leroux, Rapinoe, Cheney, Lloyd, and Wambach, will eat that up, and score 3 or 4 goals combined, yet again.

    As for Germany, they need to be careful of Canada.
    It's on Canadian soil this time around, and Germany needs to not take them lightly.
    Canada played Germany very tough (and tougher as the match went along) at the 2011 WWC on German soil. Canada played Germany equal, after Germany got off to a quick 2-0 lead, and Canada outplayed them on the scoreboard in the 2nd half. Anything is possible, and Sinclair will be dangerous in that match. Germany will also need to be cautious of Japan, but would certainly be out for revenge in that match.

    I don't see England challenging Germany or the U.S. in a knockout round match.
    Australia could be a darkhorse candidate to pull off a MAJOR upset, with young players Caitlin Foord, Kyah Simon, Samantha Kerr, joining the veteran goal scorer Lisa De Vanna. Tameka Butt has developed into a very good player. Both the U.S. and Germany will need to be cautious of Australia in a knockout round match, if they were to face them.

    I just don't see France beating Germany or the U.S.
    Not yet at least. But France does have a BRIGHT future, and could be a big time POWERHOUSE (possible world champion), within a few years. They still need to improve their defense and goalkeeping, but if they do so, watch out.

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