'22 LH US Open Cup schedule/format

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    The USSF has announced the timeline for qualification for Open Division (amateur) teams to the 2022 U.S. Open Cup. This mostly concerns teams trying to qualify outside the national leagues like USL-2 and NPSL.

    http://www.usopencup.org/doclib/2022 Open Cup Open Division Handbook - DRAFT early edition.pdf

    The Cup website also has information:

    Here is the timeline:

    8/9/21 - Entry deadline
    8/23/21 - First Qualifying round announced
    9/18/21 - First round
    10/16/21 - Second round
    11/20/21 - Third round
    12/18/21 - Fourth round, if needed
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    The 2022 U.S. Open Cup schedule is out. The USSF has also officially cancelled the 2021 Open Cup


    Jan. 6 Open Division berth allocation announced
    Jan. 19 First Round pairings announced
    Jan. 26 Second Round pairings and possible pairings announced
    March 22-23 First Round (Mexico-USA World Cup Qualifier is March 24)
    April 5-7 Second Round
    April 8 Third Round Draw
    April 19-21 Third Round (a portion of Division I teams enter)
    April 22 Round of 32 Draw
    May 10-11 Round of 32 (remaining Division I teams enter)
    May 12 Round of 16/Quarterfinal Draw
    May 24-25 Round of 16
    June 21-22 Quarterfinals
    June 23 Semifinal/Final Hosting Draw
    July 26-27 Semifinals
    Sept. 6-7 or 13-14 2022 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Final
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    So about half the MLS teams will enter in the 3rd round and the other half in the Round of 32.

    Possible scenario:

    First round - 10 NISA teams, 10 USL-1 teams, 14 NPSL teams, 12 USL-2 teams, 10 Local Qualifying teams
    Second round - 26 USL-C teams plus 28 first round winners
    Third Round - 13 MLS teams plus 27 second round winners
    Round of 32 - 12 MLS teams plus 20 third round winners

    Just a guess based on questionable numbers for those lower levels. That would be a total of 107 teams.
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    10 nisa teams. good one.

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