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Discussion in 'Coach' started by jmnva, Jan 6, 2024.

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    Will go ahead and start a thread for the year. If you are going to be at the convention this week, message me and we can meet-up for a beer
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    I'm coaching my kid's indoor team. Yesterday they had already played 2 outdoor games in the morning. We had to get lunch and by the time we go to the venue there was practically no time to warm up, which I didn't see as a problem since they had already played 2 games.
    But the problem is that was outdoor and this was indoor and they need time to acclimate to the new environment. We also had zero defenders when we started as they were running late. We got demolished right out of the gate.

    Lessons learned:
    *probably don't stop for lunch. Just get a little snack. They can wait till after the game. They prob ate too much which weighed them down. Plus it just took too much time to stop and eat.
    *always allow for a warm up.
    *don't switch up tactics if you don't have time to really demonstrate it and let them work on it prior to game start. I also didn't have my coach board to illustrate the formation. (essentially I wanted them to not just use the width but also length and make longer passes esp if pressed.)
    *if you have to start with no subs, then start with your strongest defender on defense (even if he's mostly a forward), this will limit goals scored on you. I started my strongest defender in goal because he asked to play there, but he would have been more valuable on D.
    *don't always allow kids to influence where they play. I was being too nice and asking kids where they wanted to play.

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