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    I have no idea.
    Isn't that what commissioner said?

    If teams are not informing players with all information, giving them all the proper handouts/handbooks upon arrival, when exiting, etc.
    This is not a mom and pop shop. When you arrive at a new job, what is your first day like?
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    Show me where this information is if you know this to be factual.
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    I guess you did not see the 22 year olds tweet thanking her mom for tweeting that. Just Yikes!

    Yes, the drafts are identical. You voluntarily choose to enter a draft. You may or may not get drafted. You may or may not make the team. Not all draft picks get signing bonuses. You also do not know what the NWSL does or does not do for their trialists or draft picks. You are assuming based on a disgruntled mom's singular experience.

    Did you know that Lynn Williams praised NY/NJ Gotham for all the help they gave her in moving to New Jersey after she was traded? Was that required? I have no idea, nor do you. Maybe Gotham does the same for draft picks. We have no idea. But when you sign up for the draft, I highly suspect there is some information you read before you sign up (like how the draft process will go, etc). If she did not read it that is on her.

    And, why does it matter how much the NFL etc spend on scouting? They blow draft picks every year. See Ryan Leaf as exhibit one.

    Also, the NWSL draftee have the right to negotiate a contract with their team for 60 days (assuming both parties want it). If the team does not offer a contract then the are released.
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    How do you know there are no policies? Because of mommy's tweet?

    And, the draft process are all the same. NWSL doesn't hand our $40 million contracts either. So why are you expecting NFL compensation for preseason?
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    Are you a bot?
    Ask the Commish. NHL has them too.

    This is a place to share info. I shared. The sporting world is big. Soccer is only a part of it.
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    I posted the below previously.

    This is old. But just using as a reference that these contracts in other pro leagues exist. The specifics are not public.

    All good discussions."
    Another example of the existence of the contract only.
    Undrafted, invited to training camp with a contract. She made roster and signed 1 yr contract.
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    I'm a bit confused on where the conversation has headed at this point, but just to make it clear, the NWSL CBA does cover what draftees and trialists receive currently. They do not attend camp on their own dime. They definitely are getting housing and a small stipend to cover food and some provision for local travel. They may also receive travel/flight reimbursement to camp; there's definitely relocation expenses covered for players under an SPA (like for Williams to Gotham; that's covered by the CBA); it's less clear for a draftee/trialist if that is covered. You can read the full CBA here: https://www.nwslplayers.com/cba

    I just want that to be clear because I'm sure KC met those CBA requirements. Maybe more could be provided, especially in reimbursing travel to/from camp if that's not provided, but more importantly, what could have been clearly improved upon and what the NWSL is probably looking at is overall communication by teams to players and general orientation to the league for the newbies.
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    Saying thank you does not mean she instructed her to do it.
    Lets just disagree on the drafts being the same. You assume this is my only data point and its not the moms experience. Its the players experience corroborated by another player. I dont think her mothers behavior is relevant at all. Not hitting on picks is not the issue. I dont think a drafted athlete, irrespective of round, should be asked to go to a camp without a contract. Whether that athlete makes the team or not is not the point.

    We are going around in circles. I will leave it there. Thanks
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    I have seen the original 2013 player contract between players and the league, there were basically no protections for players even under the contracts then.The fifa document on the status and transfer of players was ignored wholesale and this was approved tacitly by Sepp.
    Somewhere in the bowels of a hard drive my copy might still exist. If there are any changes, they haven’t been revealed.
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