2023-24 Hot Seat

Discussion in 'Women's College' started by SAS_Soccer, Jun 10, 2023.

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    Coach Crozier has had an illustrious career. It also is worth noting that Cal Poly is one of those teams that the RPI simply cannot rank correctly, on average under-ranking them by 40 to 50 positions per year.
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    Yea congratulations to this guy a great career and leaving in his own terms which is something that seems to be harder and harder to do these days.
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    This is now a sad world where the athletes can do whatever they like to get a coach fired. Maybe Tom Anagnost will be their next coach then they will really be reconsidering what they did.
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    Oct 24, 2021

    I have heard from a current coaching staff member that some players went to the administration as a group (I don’t know how many) and claimed abuse by the coach. I will also add that this person said they never saw anything that seemed abusive in nature whatsoever.

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    I sincerely apologize about my post. I did not read the whole message sent to me. It is the Longwood Baseball Coach thats Leaving. I apologize for this, and to everyone.
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    It would still be a good thing if they made a change to the womens soccer coach position
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    Have also heard this...unfortunate for all involved.
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    I don't know whether to laugh or cringe at this lol
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    Third source saying the same, players at Oregon State went in to complain about coach and abuse and got her fired. Second head coach in a row the players have run off in short time. Who would want to work there that is experienced when the players have that much power to fire you when they don't like you. Hell, I'd be fired every month.
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    Sep 27, 2022
    Any more specifics? Seem if the Oregon coach still has a job, you can get away with quite a lot. She must have done more than just been hard on the players.
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    Stephen F. Austin - Ben Williams (UTSA associate head; 10/3-11/14)
    Creighton - Jimmy Walker (Bowling Green head; 10/30-11/21)
    South Florida - Chris Brown (USF associate head; 8/14-11/28)
    Purdue - Richard Moodie (South Alabama head; 10/27-11/28)
    UNC Greensboro - Stefani Workman (UNCG associate head; 11/29-11/??)***
    Kansas - Nate Lie (Xavier head; 10/24-12/4)
    Miami Florida - Ken Masuhr (Vanderbilt associate head; 11/2-12/5)
    Eastern Michigan - Taylor Clarke (Carroll [WI] head; 10/27-12/12)
    Illinois State - Raleigh DeRose (Brown associate head; 10/31-12/13)
    Boston College - Chris Watkins (Gonzaga head; 10/31-12/14)
    South Alabama - Chris Hennessey (Lee head; 11/28-12/15)
    Gonzaga - Katie Benz (Gonzaga assistant; 12/14-12/15)
    Jacksonville - Ryan Moon (Florida Tech head; 10/31-12/19)
    Xavier - Dean Ward (Lenoir-Rhyne head; 12/4-12/20)
    George Mason - Aaron Brunner (Florida State assistant; [interim; 9/15] 11/10-12/20)
    Stetson - Jamie Souza (Florida Gulf Coast assistant; 11/2-12/20)
    Bowling Green - Chris Fox (Morehead State head; 11/21-12/20)
    San Diego - Greg LaPorte (UC San Diego assistant; 11/9-12/21)
    George Washington - Jeremy Williams (former Miami FL assistant; 10/25-12/22)
    Presbyterian - Matt Smith (Kansas State assistant; 11/2-12/27)
    Marshall - Rafa Simoes (Marshall men’s assistant; 10/30-12/29)
    West Georgia - Mallory Sayre (Georgia Southern assistant; 2024 DI, interim; 5/8-1/3)
    Temple - Chris Shaw (Robert Morris head; 11/1-1/4)
    Cleveland State - Mark Sappington (Morehead State assistant; 11/3-1/5)
    Hampton - Scot Vorwold (Harris Stowe State head; 8/3?-1/8)
    Texas Southern - Kendall Ayers (Louisiana Christian head; 12/1-1/9)
    Portland State - Maureen Whitney (Portland State associate head; Co-Head Coach)~
    Gardner-Webb - Erik Solberg (UAPB head; 11/8-1/12)
    Marquette - Chris Allen (St. Louis associate head; 12/16-1/18)
    Morehead State - Paul Cox (Murray State associate head; 12/20-1/30)
    Robert Morris - Michelle Rick (Findlay head; 1/4-2/8)
    Cal State Northridge - Gina Brewer (UCLA assistant; 12/20-2/21)
    Kennesaw State - Chris Cahill (Kennesaw State assistant; 12/8-2/28)
    Texas A&M Corpus Christi - Daniel Clitnovici (Ursinius head; 1/31-3/6)
    Bellarmine - Callie McKinney (Bellarmine assistant; 3/13-3/13)
    Wyoming - Josh Purdum (Colorado State assistant; 3/5-4/10)
    Houston Christian - Nick Whiting (Western Carolina associate head; 2/20-4/16)
    Tennessee Tech - Corey Boyd (Tenn Tech associate head; 4/21-4/21)
    Alcorn State - Brett Sarsfield (interim - Alcorn associate head; 5/9)
    Nicholls State - Kristy Helmers (Friends assistant; 3/4-5/10)
    Oakland - Devin Zvosec (former Miami FL assistant; 2/12-5/10)
    Delaware State - Natasha Ademakinwa (Shawnee State head; 2/1-5/15)
    Long Island - Tom Giovatto (Fordham men's assistant; 12/1-6/3)
    Saint Francis - Brian Diaz (former Oakland assistant; 5/1-6/17)

    ***added due to the coaching bio information. In December, it still was not “official” who would be head coach. The bio change will serve as confirmation. Officially announced that “interim” tag is removed (4/11).

    ~added due to the promotion, no coaching vacancy. Program now has “co-head coaches.”

    Program (Mississippi Valley State) removed from open after a public posting for vacancy, coach retained.

    Just a reminder, I don’t list any until officially announced. Posted another school incorrectly after given incorrect information, sorry.
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    These days it isn’t difficult for athletes with an axe to grind to use the buzzwords to get a coach fired. It’s pretty pathetic.

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