2022 World cup/Qualifying Rosters

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  1. Marko72

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    Aug 30, 2005
    New York
    GK: Steffen, Hamid, Turner
    Centerbacks: Brooks, Long, Miazga, Zimmerman
    Fullbacks: Dest, Robinson, Cannon
    Central mids: McKennie, Adams, Musah, Aaronson, Lletget, Cardoso
    Attackers: Pulisic, Reyna, Morris, Sargent, Zardes, Weah
    +1 (I'll take a flyer on Hoppe after this weekend's performance).
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  2. bsky22

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    Dec 8, 2003
    Hamid and zlong have no business on this team. There are other questionable ones in here but those two are just egregious.
  3. TrueCrew

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    Dec 22, 2003
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    For me:

    Locks = 7. Steffen, Dest, Brooks, Adams, McKennie, Pulisic, Reyna.

    Near locks = 3. ARob, Musah (only due to not declaring for us yet), Morris.

    I think everything else is up in the air.
  4. Clint Eastwood

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    Dec 23, 2003
    Somerville, MA
    FC Dallas
    Sounds about right. I personally think Robinson is a lock.

    We've got a lot of games between now and WCQing, and a lot can change.
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  5. Pegasus

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    Apr 20, 1999
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    I think right now those players are knocks or near knocks. A few of them are in a bit of stale form and if they don't they move from the lock position to the jostling for playing time position. Add in injuries and locks or no there will probably be changes in what we think is set right now with a few puzzle pieces filling it out.
  6. Eleven Bravo

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    Jul 3, 2004
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    The team that Berhalter has built so far going into WC Qualifying.

    (3 spots)
    #1 Lock: Zack Steffen

    #2-3 Battle: Ethan Horvath, Bill Hamid, Matt Turner, Sean Johnson, JT Marcinkowski, David Ochoa, Brady Scott, Matt Freese, Chituri Odunze, Carlos Santos

    Reserve: Brad Guzan

    Monitor: N/A

    (2 right backs, 2 left backs)
    #0/1 Right Back Locks: Sergino Dest**

    #1/2 Left Back Locks: Sergino Dest**, #2 Antonee Robinson

    Note: Sergino Dest is naturally a right back, but he might have to switch for left back due to depth abundance on the right and absence on the left. Unless Bello, Vines, or someone else emerges, that will be a necessity.

    Right Back Battle: DeAndre Yedlin, Reggie Cannon, Bryan Reynolds, Julian Araujo, Kyle Duncan, Aaron Herrera

    Left Back Battle: George Bello, Sam Vines, Chris Gloster, Marco Farfan, Tim Ream**, Kik Piere**

    Note: Tim Ream is pushed out at center back, but he is still in the running at left back. In a final 23, you could see Ream make the list for that reason.

    Note: Kik Piere needs to commit, but if he does, we need him much more at left back immediately than center back... but the same logic will apply for Piere as for Ream.

    Reserve: Chase Gasper (LB), Nick Lima (RB - LB), Tristan Blackmon (RB - CB)

    Monitor: Joseph Scally (RB)

    (4 spots)
    #1 Lock: John Brooks

    Note: I’m not sure even if I want to call Brooks a lock starter. He can be really hit or miss for the national team. But he is a lock to be on the 23 - at least for 2021.

    #2-4: Battle: Matt Miazga, Aaron Long, Walker Zimmerman, Mark McKenzie, Erik Palmer-Brown, Chris Richards, Donovan Pines, Henry Kessler, Mauricio Pineda, Miles Robinson, Aboubacar Keita, Kik Pierie**(dual, LB), Tim Ream** (LB),

    Reserve: Ventura Alvarado

    Monitor: Philippe Sandler (dual), Bryan Okoh (dual), Justen Glad, Cameron Carter-Vickers

    (4 spots)

    #1-2/3 Lock: Wes McKennie, Tyler Adams, Yunus Musah**

    Note: Still waiting on Musah to commit. Also Musah might play on the wing, opening up another spot in the midfield.

    #4/3-4 Battle: Owen Otasowie, Johnny Cardoso, Andres Perea, Tanner Tessman, Jackson Yuiell, Eryk Williamson, Kelyn Acosta, Cristian Roldan, Bryang Kayo, Hassani Dotson, Frankie Amaya

    Note: Chris Durkin deserves to have his name on the list of players battling for a midfield position.

    Reserve: Alfredo Morales, Darlington Nagbe, Wil Trapp, Michael Bradley
    Monitor: Christian Cappis, James Sands, Paxton Pomykal​

    (2 spots)

    #1 Lock: Gio Reyna

    #2 Battle: Sebastian Lletget, Richard Ledezma (injured), Brenden Aaronson, Cole Bassett, Jesus Ferreira, Djordje Mihailovic

    Reserve: Julian Green, Joel Sonora

    Monitor: Caden Clark, Gianluca Busio, Alan Sonora, Alex Mendez, Anthony Fontana, Luca DelaTorre

    (2 right / 2 left - not differentiated)

    #1 Lock: Christian Pulisic

    #2-4 Battle: Tim Weah, Jordan Morris, Chris Mueller, Paul Arriola, Konrad de la Fuente, Uly Llanez, Benji Michel, Cade Cowell, Jonathan Lewis, Yunus Musah**, Efrain Alvarez**

    Note: Alvarez needs to commit.

    Reserves: Tyler Boyd, Duane Holmes, Lynden Gooch, Joe Efford

    Monitor: Emmanuel Sabbi, Indiana Vassilev, Alex Mighten (dual), Cameron Harper

    (2 spots)

    Lock: None*

    Note: Matthew Hoppe knocks Sargent out of the lock list.

    #1-2 Battle: Josh Sargent, Matthew Hoppe, Jozy Altidore, Gyasi Zardes, Daryl Dike, Jeremy Ebobisse, Sebastian Soto, Niko Gioacchini, Jordan Siebatcheu, Aron Johannsson, Folarin Balogun (dual), Malick Sanogo (dual), Andrija Novakovich

    Note: Not including Ayo Akinola who is in the Canada camp.

    Note: I am including Folarin Balogun, Malick Sanogo, Andrija Novakovich, Jordy Siebatcheu, Aron Johannsson included in the battle list because the position is still open.

    Reserves: None (see reason above - anyone worth looking at will get a shot)

    Monitor: Charlie Kelman, Patrick Koffi, Ricardo Pepi
  7. dspence2311

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    Oct 14, 2007
    Disappointed that Akinola is w/ Canada
  8. Clint Eastwood

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    Dec 23, 2003
    Somerville, MA
    FC Dallas
    Sargent is a lock for the WCQing squad.
    I can't imagine a scenario in which he isn't.

    If one of those other guys (Hoppe or otherwise) goes on a tear and assumes the starting job, Sargent is still in the squad as a #2. So a bunch of those other guys have to go on a tear to knock him out, and I don't see it happening. Gioacchini plays in the French 2nd division. Soto plays in the Dutch 2nd division. Novakovich plays in the Italian 2nd division. Siebatcheu has scored a couple of goals in the Swiss league. Sanogo is only 16. One can envision a scenario in which the MLS guys like Zardes and Dike are part of the WCQing squad, but they're not knoccking Sargent out of it.

    When you really do an analysis of this forward pool, its almost impossible to fathom a scenario in which Sargent isn't on the WCQing roster. A lock to start? No.
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  9. Eleven Bravo

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    Jul 3, 2004
    Atlanta Silverbacks
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    That’s probably how I should have included it. Just with 2 spots - I didn’t want to hear why did you include Sargent and not Hoppe lol
  10. Three and Three

    Sep 13, 2015
    New England Revolution
    Yeah, but it makes sense.
  11. IndividualEleven

    Mar 16, 2006
    Sargent needs to score some goals.
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  12. Patrick167

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    United States
    May 4, 2017
    One of these other guys like Gioacchini could get a move to a first division. If he is starting for Nimes or someone in France and doing well, then you have three players (Hoppe, Sargent, Nico) all at basically the same level doing the same thing.

    If Weah excels at the 9 in Lille...although it seems he will be on the wings.

    However, the current False 9ish way the System is using the #9 is designed for Sargent. No other player in the pool at the start of 2020 could press and drop in. Seeing as how Gregg has built things around Sargent, it might be hard for a run in behind guy like Zardes or Hoppe to unseat him. Nico also was not at Sargent's level dropping in.

    But if Nico or Hoppe do become must starts, then the system will have to change again.

    But this all probably wouldn't happen until the back half of qualification as any moves in the next window will be very new by the first window.
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  13. RalleeMonkey

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    Aug 30, 2004
    Great breakdown!

    I'd be happy to see Reyna moved inside and Musah (if he sticks) moved outside.

    Julian Green is only 25. To me, he deserves to be in he battle with Aaronson, Basset, Djordje, & Ferreira .

    But, I'll say it again: Great Breakdown!
  14. Lookingforleftbacks

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    Dec 17, 2016
    Los Angeles
    Los Angeles Galaxy
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    United States
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Reyna on the wing was just to try it out and next time (if there is one) we do see Reyna inside and Musah wide. Musah obviously looked great but it didn’t look like we got the best out of Reyna.

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