2022 USL/NWSL/MLS Next Pro Referee Discussion [Rs]

Discussion in 'Referee' started by gaolin, Mar 21, 2022.

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    How long was Attwell’s hiatus?

    And in MLS, Tim Weyland probably holds the record.
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    Rivero has more lives than a cat. After his 2014 arrest for unemployment fraud, he's a hard guy to root for on his "comeback" trail. I don't see why PRO always goes to bat for him.
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    Weyland for strictly whistles yeah. Anno's up there, too.

    But I'm not sure anyone beats Shane Moody working primarily as an AR from 1996–1998 (at least one 4th in there...) and then returning as whistle/4th from 2006–2009.

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    Shane Moody is an awesome dude. I really enjoyed working with him.
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    Watching the Louisville-Monterey Bay USL-C game on replay. Not a good idea for the referee crew to wear black when Louisville wears purple.

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