2020-21 UEFA Nations League

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    ESPN and Univisión have the rights to all UEFA national team tournaments.
  2. Germanyfan1993

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    Jun 17, 2018
    thanks for this - i looked at ESPN website and they haven't listed out if anything is being on tv, i'm assuming it will be updated in a few weeks.
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    Yup, no worries. Last year they even showed matches like Faroe Islands v Malta. They'll definitely show it but its still a long way off.
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    Still haven't changed my pick...the Dutch are winning Nations League...you saw how close Netherlands were to winning it all but losing to Portugal in the Final?

    Netherlands are going to be hungry and motivated but just look at how deep their squad is right now
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    Thread bump!

    Round 1 is from Thursday 3 to Saturday 5.
    Round 2 is from Sunday 6 to Tuesday 8.
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    Mar 8, 2016
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    Thursday 3

    Germany - Spain
    Ukraine - Switzerland

    Friday 4

    Italy - Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Netherlands - Poland

    Saturday 5

    Sweden - France
    Portugal - Croatia
    Iceland - England
    Denmark - Belgium

    Sunday 6

    Switzerland vs Germany
    Spain vs Ukraine

    Monday 7

    Bosnia and Herzegovina - Poland
    Netherlands - Italy

    Tuesday 8

    France - Croatia
    Sweden - Portugal
    Belgium - Iceland
    Denmark - England
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    Watching Czech Republic-Scotland. Good match.
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    Nat'l Team:
    Not sure if your familiar with all that happened with the Czech team in the days leading up to this, but all things considered the match was way better than it had a right to be.

    A summary that I gave in another thread:

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    Oct 8, 2020
    France vs. Portugal, great game
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    Georgia won the first match of the league D playoff. 1-nil over Belarus in Tbilisi. So they are one home win away from Euro 2020.
  11. BocaFan

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    With Iceland's win over Romania it narrows down a lot how the Euro 2020 groups will look. Group C really looks like a Group of Life now. Either Georgia or North Macedonia will join Holland, Austria and Ukraine.

    Elsewhere, 4 of the 8 playoff semis are going to extra-time.
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    Well. The Swiss up early on the Germans.
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    I was watching the Latvia-Malta match on ESPN+ today. Malta won its first match in 5 years thanks to a header off a free kick in stoppage time. It turned out to literally be the last kick of the game, and the Maltese players and coaches reacted like they had just won the World Cup! It was very exciting.

    Later, I saw Luxembourg pull out a 2-1 upset against Montenegro in Podgorica. The win put the Luxembourgers atop the standings in their group, based on their head-to-head series with Montenegro, with remaining games against Cyprus (away) and Azerbaijan (at home). LUX and MNE both have 9 points in the competition, with MNE having a +4 goal difference, compared to +3 for LUX.
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    A good game to watch as a neutral. Both defenses decided to take the night off I guess.

    Ukraine "upsetting" Spain 1-0. Did not watch it so not sure how bad Spain played.
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    For me there is a big winner in this International break. A team hardly anybody is talking about. It's Denmark. They won all their three games with dispatching Iceland and beating England away from home. So far so good but why are they the big winners?

    It has to do with the FIFA World Rankings and the pot allocation for the World Cup Qualifying Draw which will take place in end November. Thanks to their great international window they virtually overtake the Swiss, the Dutch and the Germans and will be the 8th best UEFA side in the next World Rankings, going to be published next week.The highest ranked 10 sides will be in pot 1 for the draw.

    The fight for pot 1 looks like this : (still virtually, official rankings will be released on 22 October)

    7) Italy........................ 1612
    8) Denmark.................1609
    9) Germany.................1607
    10) Netherlands..........1596
    11) Switzerland.......... 1589

    The teams that are ranked below Switzerland seem to be out of the battle. They can't make up for the ground in just three games. So it's a battle between those five sides.

    Here the remaining scedules of the teams in question:

    7) ITALY.............................1612

    Home Estonia (Friendly)
    Home Poland (NL)
    Away Bosnia (NL)

    8) DENMARK.................... 1609

    Home Sweden (Friendly)
    Home Iceland (NL)
    Away Belguim (NL)

    9) GERMANY..................... 1607

    Home Czech Republic (Friendly)
    Home Ukraine (NL)
    Away Spain (NL)

    10) NETHERLANDS...........1596

    Home Spain (Friendly)
    Home Bosnia (NL)
    Away Poland (NL)

    11) SWITZERLAND............1596

    Away Belguim (Friendly)
    Home Spain (NL)
    Home Ukraine (NL)

    Belguim, France, England, Portugal, Spain and Croatia will be no matter what seeded for the draw. They've done enough to be assured a top 10 ranking in UEFA.
  16. Every Four Years

    May 16, 2015
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    Interesting. I'd barely been following UEFA WCQ with the whole COVID mess and everything. I guess normally the plan was that the Euro results would have had a major impact on the rankings, but... COVID had other plans I guess. Anyway, this is much better than what FIFA used to do in past years when they had the big draw event and forced UEFA to have the draw before Euro qualifying was even done.

    Looking at the seeds this time around, the groups should be a lot more even than in previous cycles, the only exceptions being whichever group(s) contains Denmark/Switzerland and/or if the Netherlands ends up dropping out of Pot 1.
  17. BocaFan

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    True, although as you seem to suggest, "normally" the WC qualifying draw was done before the Euros. So a change was intended for this cycle but COVID made us revert back to the usual timing of the WC qualifying draw.
  18. Kamtedrejt

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    FIFA published today the New World Rankings. And the points predicted by the tool I used tourned out to be right for each team.

    Let's see what other fights do we have in November for the other pots in World Cup qualifying.

    Republic of Ireland is currently ranked 20th in UEFA. The last spot that earns pot 2. However several other sides are very close to the Irish and will seek to overtake them.

    Republic of Ireland 1367
    Slovakia 1366
    Iceland 1361
    Northern Ireland 1358
    Norway 1356
    Romania 1355
    Scotland 1346

    Interestingly four of those sides that are ranked behind Republic of Ireland do have the playoff finals in November whereas the Irish are out of it. That plays a significant role as the weighting for the qualfiers is much higher than for the Nations League fixtures. That's why even Scotland do have very slim chances to make pot 2. A possible upset against a high ranked Serbian side in the playoff final could earn them a lot of points.

    Elsewhere, it looks like we have a duel between Greece and Finnland for pot 3.

    Greece 1408
    Finnland 1402

    Luxembourg seems to have sealed pot 4. They are ranked 40th and have a healthy lead of 22 points over Cyprus. Great success for a side that was for long long time considered an absolute minnow in European Football. There will be six pots for the World Cup qualfying draw.

    Here are the updated Rankings:
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    Let's look at the remaining fixtures for the teams in contention to grab the last spot in pot 2.

    REPUBLIC OF IRELAND................1467

    Away England (Friendly)
    Away Wales (NL)
    Home Bulgaria (NL)

    Very though schedule. England is completely on another level. Very questionable choice as friendly at this point to be honest. Wales is fighting with Finnland to get promoted to League A.


    Away Northern Ireland (PL)
    Home Scotland (NL)
    Away Czech Republic (NL)

    I would say a moderately difficult programme. A lot will depend on the playoff game against a direct rival for pot 2.


    Away Hungary (PL)
    Away Denmark (NL)
    Away England (NL)

    Wow. Horrible set of games for Iceland. Everything is away from home where they don't tend to do well. Chances of clinching pot 2 are almost inexistant with such a schedule. Hungary has picked up form lately, Denmark themself is in a fight for pot 1. England is too strong anyways

    NORTHERN IRELAND...................1458

    Home Slovakia (PL)
    Away Austria (NL)
    Home Romania (NL)

    Lenient schedule. Slovakia and Romania are not doing so hot lately. Austria can be inconsistent at times. Two of three games against teams that are opponents for pot 2. So they kind of have a very favorable set of games.


    Home Israel (Friendly)
    Away Romania (NL)
    Away Austria (NL)

    Doable schedule. The away games will decide Norway's fate. They will probably need at least two wins and a draw in order to have a good Chance for pot 2.


    Home Belarus (Friendly)
    Home Norway (NL)
    Away Northern Ireland (NL)

    Doable schedule. They play two other teams in contention for pot 2.


    Away Serbia (PL)
    Away Slovakia (NL)
    Away Israel (NL)

    Bad schedule. Everything is away from home. And they should be absolutely considered underdogs against Serbia. They are only in contention for pot 2 if they pull off an upset in Belgrade.

    It looks like it will be the winner of the playoffs between Northern Ireland - Slovakia or possible even Norway who cliches pot 2.
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