2020-2021 Promotion and Relegation

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  1. tarvinodos

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    Jul 17, 2008
    Long Beach, CA
    Time to check the standings for promotion and relegation before our triple gameweek.

    We have some great battles going on in the promotion races in VSR and Sand.

    Fighting to avoid relegation are some teams hoping for a great triple / double gameweek. Time to get all of the lucky bobble heads out.

    Small Rocks
    Sasha Juniors 1936
    Glorydaze 1783 ColdDogSoup FC 1729 Journeymen 1701 Real Newark 1622 Top Shelf 1619
    Tangers FC 1528 ChrisSuttonsSlippers 1298

    Very Small Rocks:
    FC St. Pauli 1794
    Morning Glory 1720 Keysersoze Wanderers1692
    Soccer Steve1659 BiggerBoat 1527
    Bunch of Muppets1434
    FC Epikoinos1403

    Kicking & Screaming 1786
    Virgil Reality 1743
    Lokomotiv Lewisham 1734 Kopite Jrs 1694 Aviators 1578 Parraraiders 1573 Stormin Gunners 1571 Hakuna Arteta 1443
  2. Sonabert

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    Jul 29, 2012
    Perth, Western Australia
    Liverpool FC
    Not surprisingly the Muppets are doomed.
    I've just lept to this lily pad to let you know that I won't be taking part next year, as this year has proven it needs more time than I can give. I'm also starting a new job and the work roster it brings with it just means I'll have even less time on my hands.
  3. tarvinodos

    tarvinodos Member+

    Jul 17, 2008
    Long Beach, CA
    Three gameweeks to go. After some massive scores for a triple gameweek, we had a switch in the Sand table for promotion with Lokomotiv Lewisham eking out to the second spot. Can they keep it up.

    Small Rocks
    Sasha Juniors 2042
    Glorydaze 1895
    ColdDogSoup FC 1801
    Journeymen 1771
    Real Newark 1710
    Top Shelf 1679
    Tangers FC 1597
    ChrisSuttonsSlippers 1347

    Very Small Rocks:
    FC St. Pauli 1862
    blechs_dawgs 1832
    Morning Glory 1792
    Keysersoze Wanderers1772
    Soccer Steve1749
    BiggerBoat 1632
    Bunch of Muppets1508
    FC Epikoinos1468

    Kicking & Screaming 1888
    Lokomotiv Lewisham 1835
    Virgil Reality 1821
    Kopite Jrs 1786
    Parraraiders 1687
    Aviators 1648
    Stormin Gunners 1623
    Hakuna Arteta 1502
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  4. tarvinodos

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    Jul 17, 2008
    Long Beach, CA
    Just two gameweeks to go.

    In Small, Tangers FC is closing the gap on Top Shelf to avoid relegation.

    In VSR, the two top teams are fighting for the title. The promotion race looks nearly done.

    In Sand, Virgil Reality let slip his run on the promotion race. Still two gameweeks and crazy scores and rotations to go! Anything is possible.

    Small Rocks
    Sasha Juniors 2087
    Glorydaze 1939
    ColdDogSoup FC 1848
    Journeymen 1819
    Real Newark 1740
    Top Shelf 1703
    Tangers FC 1634
    ChrisSuttonsSlippers 1373

    Very Small Rocks:
    FC St. Pauli 1903
    blechs_dawgs 1898
    Keysersoze Wanderers 1811
    Morning Glory 1809
    Soccer Steve1767
    BiggerBoat 1669
    Bunch of Muppets1569
    FC Epikoinos1511

    Kicking & Screaming 1931
    Lokomotiv Lewisham 1883
    Virgil Reality 1845
    Kopite Jrs 1826
    Parraraiders 1726
    Aviators 1682
    Stormin Gunners 1650
    Hakuna Arteta 1528
  5. tarvinodos

    tarvinodos Member+

    Jul 17, 2008
    Long Beach, CA
    Final Standings:

    Congrats to Sasha Juniors winning All Rocks and Small Rocks! Started with not falling into the Aubameyang trap.

    Congrats to blechs_dawgs for winning VSR.

    Congrats to FC St. Pauli on his return to Small Rocks after one season in VSR. How very Watford / Norwich City of you!

    Congrats to Kicking and Screaming winning Sand!

    Congrats to Lokomotiv Lewisham and their promotion to VSR!

    It was a wild season, an unpredictable season that matched the year we had. Thanks for everyone for participating and enjoying the season through lockdown and piped in fan sounds. Looking forward to next season. Expect to see some organizing at the beginning of July.

    We will likely need a few new managers. If you have anyone to recommend, send their contacts my way!

    Enjoy your summer!

    Small Rocks
    Sasha Juniors 2186
    Glorydaze 2021
    Journeymen 1957
    ColdDogSoup FC 1928
    Top Shelf 1831
    Real Newark 1818
    Tangers FC 1766
    ChrisSuttonsSlippers 1438

    Very Small Rocks:
    blechs_dawgs 2037
    FC St. Pauli 1993
    Morning Glory 1918
    Keysersoze Wanderers 1903
    Soccer Steve 1870
    BiggerBoat 1760
    Bunch of Muppets 1667
    FC Epikoinos 1578

    Kicking & Screaming 2032
    Lokomotiv Lewisham 2023
    Virgil Reality 1945
    Kopite Jrs 1945
    Parraraiders 1820
    Aviators 1767
    Stormin Gunners 1717
    Hakuna Arteta 1623
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