2019 SheBelieves Cup

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    But they play the vast majority of the games in the US. That effectively makes many of the games much less meaningful and much less of a test.

    I know that is the model that makes US soccer the most money but that money is pretty much wasted as far as development goes.
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    Do we? We certainly play more than anyone else and a great majority are on US soil. The last year has seen a few games overseas and a step up in opposition quality but it hasn't always been the case. Not too long ago, we were discussing the point of bringing over Romania and Thailand for any purpose other than a cash grab and public flogging. If memory serves, the only official competition after the OG debacle was WCQs which were against Jamaica, Panama, T&T and Mexico. By the time we faced Canada both teams were qualified.
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    Oh, I didn't realize you were writing about several years ago. Sorry, I thought you were referring to the last couple of years.
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    We have had moments before the World Cup where we have looked pretty bad. Nothing beats this moment where we lost to Mexico in 2010 qualifying though. I forgot this was also the infamous Wambach head injury where she had her forehead stapled.

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    Most of 2017, 2018 qualification and 2019 SheBelieves. Not sure if that counts as several years or a couple years ago in your book.
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    Some stats on hand - 2018:

    rank-------------------GP----W-D-L---GS-GC--average rank of opponet
    #1. USA--------------20---(18-2-0)---65-10---#23
    #2. Germany-------11---(7-2-2)----31-11----#23
    #3. France----------10---(7-2-1)----30-7-----#16
    #4. England--------12---(7-3-2)----25-8-----#23
    #5. Canada---------12---(8-0-4)----34-10---#26
    #6. Australia--------17----(8-5-4)----37-17---#19
    #7. Netherlands---13----(9-2-2)----33-10---#26
    #8. Japan------------20---(13-2-5)---46-22----#16
    #9. Sweden--------12----(9-1-2)-----26-6----#24
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    the games scheduled by ussf certainly have included stronger opponents in recent years. not all, but several of the uswnt’s weak opponents last year, for example, were required concacaf games.

    there’s also the complication of what to do when open fifa dates are being used by the strongest countries for fifa tournaments, while you have to schedule friendlies.

    who are you going to play when its mostly the weak sisters of the world available? canada? again?
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