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    Well as the superbowl game was more exciting than the movement (or should I say lack thereof) in the world of division 1 women’s soccer coaches, I thought we needed a 2019 thread and a quick rundown.

    Louisiana Lafayette – Lance Key (Texas 2nd Asst)
    Idaho State - Debs Brereton (Ohio Associate HC)
    Seton Hall – Ciara Crinon (Hartford Associate HC)
    UTEP – Kathryn Balogun (Texas Southern HC)
    Iona – Todd Plourde (Yale Asst)
    Wofford – Emily Grant (Georgia Southern Associate HC)
    Oregon State – Matt Kagan (Mississippi State Associate HC)
    Indiana – Erwin Van Bennekom – (Duke Associate HC)
    Stetson – Chris Bergmann (VMI HC)
    Central Michigan – Jeremy Groves (Kentucky Volunteer Asst)
    UIC – Tom Anagnost (Mississippi State HC)
    North Florida - Eric Faulconer (North Florida Asst)
    UWGB – Jason Spain (D2 Minot State HC)
    Yale – Brendan Faherty (Stonybrook HC)
    Loyola – Joe Mallia (Navy Asst)
    Boston College – Jason Lowe (Associate HC)
    Mississippi State – James Armstrong (Auburn Associate HC)
    StonyBrook – Tobias Bischof (Hofstra Associate HC)
    Eastern Kentucky – Matt Cosinuke (Cincinnati GK Coach)
    Jackson State – Ted Flogaites (Arkansas Pine Bluff HC)
    VMI – Chris Haught-Thompson (D3 Knox College HC)

    Syracuse –
    I don’t even think God knows what’s going on!
    Northern Arizona – Possibly trying to give Syracuse a run for their money for ‘who can take the longest to hire.
    Arkansas Pine Bluff – No one cares!
    Nicholls State – Just happened.

    Anyone want to throw out any names of those they thought somehow escaped the firing squad??
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    Texas Southern is also open.
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    I was thinking Virginia Tech under-performs overall but it's not the draw as it seems on the surface (pretty good proximity to 95 corridor cash, southern feel, bermuda grass, picturesque fields, quaint college town, in-state tuition for Richmond Strikers, Beach FC, NoVa ECNLs). The downs are the school is a pretty sterile, stone environment, honor and duty crap, the majors are kinda hard for soccer sportos (no education majors, communications, etc.), not UVA They made it back to their glass ceiling this year in the ACC (i.e. not Pitt or Syracuse, better than BC) and nationally (can beat the over-rated, far from industry money continental interior schools like UT, Minnesota, etc).

    Maryland could be gone, he's lying low profile while the AD is all distracted. Due to proximity to money, they should be 2nd or 3rd in the B10 as they are in all the non-rev pay to plays.
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    I think we will see a change at Creighton after 2019. Iowa state too. Kentucky a no brainer. FIU will be hot but they will probably have one more year. Those are schools feeling the heat I would assume.

    I still think for this year whoever takes over from Wheddon at Syracuse will be an improvement.
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    Davidson - If they care at all, but 9 wins in 3 seasons with 5 of those coming in the first year. Previous coach never won less than 5 in entire tenure.

    Tulsa - has been mentioned here multiple times, I think that is a tough place in a tough conference.

    Iowa State - surely it opens

    Kentucky - Will use the combined salaries of previous coach still getting paid and current coach and go after some big names.

    Georgia - This is it, probably need to not only make it but advance in SEC tourney and NCAA's. Remember last coach was let go after finishing 5th in the SEC and making the NCAA tournament.

    Creighton/Akron - Similar that both head coaches have not improved much since being hired with losing records each years and are the sister program of successful men's programs.

    Michigan State - I have nothing here, if it hasn't been done in the past 5 years why would anyone think they would start to care now. Haven't made the Big10 tourney since 2011 & NCAA since 2009.

    Maryland - need to find some wins and fast

    Jacksonville State - one winning season in six years and double digit loses the other five seasons, including the last four

    ULM - You just can't go 0 wins in a season and be safe

    Georgia Southern - has underperformed since losing a good young coach when she left for VCU and assistant was promoted

    Grand Canyon - they care and they want to win, need W's and fast to be safe

    Alabama - No post season success in SEC or NCAA and this year fell short to qualify
    FIU - 1 win in 2 seasons, you can say it will take time but that is bad especially when last coach was let go after 3, 4, 10, 11, 13, 11, 7, 8, 8, 3 win years

    Nevada - maybe it is time to look beyond one of their assistants as last two coaches came from within. Current coach 5 total wins in two years and previous coach 7, 3, 7, 5, 4, 6, 5 win seasons

    Cal Poly - Has been there for nearly 30 years, but hasn't been above .500 in 5 years.

    Oakland - can cool off completely with some wins in year 3

    Luke warm at best
    Colorado State - I thought this was starting to get warm, but cooled off significantly after a 6 win season in their 6th season

    Kansas State - probably too early only third year in existence

    Troy - probably safe, and to be fair previous coach did better than he probably should have. If administration realizes they are back where they should be after a couple years of over succeeding this seat is not warm, if they have expectations then maybe it is a little.

    Morehead State - Has had a pretty steady decline the past 4 years, but early success at the program should make him a legend there.
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    Alabama has the option to roll over the HCs contract and hasn’t. They need a top 5 finish in the SEC and to win a game in the NCAA tournament to get extended.

    Same must win scenario for Georgia. The coach put a band aid on a sucking chest wound by changing staff.

    Ultimately, I think both jobs will be open come December.

    Kentucky has to know that they screwed up, though a strong showing in the SEC might save them (bc that means an NCAA appearance).

    FIU has at least one more season. The issues there were all off the field and the head was cut off the monster a couple of seasons ago and the body is finally dying. Their recruiting hasn’t been anything to write home about but I think that we will see marked improvement this season.

    Michigan State will open up if Michigan has a good season and the Spartans don’t.

    Grand Canyon is getting warmer - I think he has 2 more seasons to make the NCAAs.

    KState is fine - though this will change if the course stays the same.

    Georgia Southern and Troy should be safe - especially Troy as they are only in year 2 or 3 of the current HC.

    Maryland will be safe as long as they don’t finish in the bottom 5 of the ACC (that normally gets you an NCAA bid...). This is a big ask, though.

    Jacksonville State is probably pretty warm, but that’s a tough place to win at - at or over a .500 record and he’s fine.
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    Oct 13, 2018
    Maryland's in the big 10
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    May 11, 2017
    Right. Brain fart here. Going on hour 22 of airports.
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    Jan 24, 2018
    No mention of Oregon?

    Michigan State has never cared about success in its women's soccer program. Why would they now? Especially when they have so much else going on. Also, who in their right mind would take a job in that cesspool of malfeasance. How do you ever 'honestly' recruit a female athlete to that hell hole?

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    May 20, 2018
    Seems the UNCA coach will leave her position for the Texas Southern opening.
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    Oct 31, 2017
  14. ping

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    No way Darcy was on the hot seat this time. He faced a huge uphill battle last season as he was hired late, something like July 26th with an August 15th season start date. I am pretty certain that none of the players were recruited by him and he had 2.5 weeks to get them ready.

    I know of one 2019 recruit from Richmond United that will be a HUGE upgrade from his current roster but he will need a wave of new players to compete. I don't think he actually recruited her since she said she was going to Hampton before he was even the coach. It looks like she is still going there. I haven't seen any other "commitment" announcements from players. Is that program fully funded? Their facilities are poor. He will likely struggle this year too but I think he walks away before getting fired.
  15. ping

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    How much time does the Maryland coach have? He struggled the past few years both in conference and overall compared to his prior success.

    2016 1-10-0 Big 10, Overall 3-15-1
    2017 1-8-2, 7-8-3
    2018 2-7-2, 4-10-5
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    Mertz has them improving at a very gradual rate. For an AD, the question would be, can I bring a new coach in who is likely to move them up more quickly? It's not just a matter of how good the current coach is, it's also a matter of how good the replacement will be.

    Unless they have a disaster, I think she's got a couple more years (even though she's been there for a while).
  17. cpthomas

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    Well, if he can continue has Big 10 trend, then in about 7 years they'll be the top team in the conference. :geek:

    Seriously, 3 Big 10 points his first year, 5 his second, 8 his third. If I'm an AD, I'm hoping he can do a little better every year.
  18. ytrs

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    Jan 24, 2018
    You honestly believe a Pac-12 school has no expectations of making the NCAA Tournament? She has never made it in six seasons. Six seasons. She has never won more than 3 conference games in a season, and she has never had a winning record. She is not getting it done with a Pac-12 program out of conference (where she should have a significant advantage), and she struggles in conference. Results matter. She is not getting them. Oregon is a good gig.
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    Based on history, Oregon actually isn't that good a gig, at least so far as the apparent likelihood of success is concerned. I know it seems like it should be, but it hasn't been. In fact, even way back in 2006 when they finished #2 in the Pac 10, they couldn't get an NCAA Tournament bid.

    And, by the way, Oregon's Non-Conference RPI rank this year was #17. (Although I know that really doesn't mean much.)

    But again, who would you bring in that would do better? That's the question.

    On the other hand, I agree with you that it seems like Oregon should do better ... especially if Washington State, in Pullman, can do as well as it's done. Maybe Eugene is just too much of a Country Fair town. :eek: (in joke for Oregonians).

    Jan 28, 2014
    What a total slap-in-the-face for UNCA! The promoted her hiring as the former NC State player coming home to use her connections with the state to draw players in...oops, back to Texas she goes for a job MUCH less of a stepping stone than the one she was at. That being said...home is home, welcome back to Houston LV!
  21. Collegewhispers

    Oct 27, 2011
    Columbus Crew

    That will end up being a blessing for UNCA! She took them backwards this year and they were a very poor team. I don’t think the athletes in Asheville will be losing any sleep over her leaving either.
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  22. Eddie K

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    May 5, 2007
    Don't disagree that it doesn't look good at all. Hired May 2018, leaves Feb 2019. Is that 10 months?
    But it always seems in poor taste that coaches (and athletes) just get scrubbed from the athletics website. Had to find her bio in the Google cache as UNCA has wiped her away. She was still the coach in 2018 but hard to tell now. Understand if you don't want to 'report' a coach leaving, lots of schools don't, but scrubbing them out seems aggressive. I mean you did just hire that coach.
    Maybe's there's a story there.

    BTW- also find it interesting when kids leave and the roster doesn't match the team picture, or the stats. (The UNCA coach is still in the 2018 team pic but not listed) At least the transfer portal has answered the mystery for some of those kids.
  23. ytrs

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    Jan 24, 2018
    In my opinion Oregon has just remained loyal for far too long with under achieving coaches. The first coach, Bill Steffen, was kept on for 9 years with zero winning records. That established a poor foundation (low expectations) for the program. They hung onto the next coach for 7 years, and she had only one winning record. Now Mertz is heading into year 7 with zero winning records. Too much loyalty to these under achieving coaches. Great athletic facilities, nice campus, Pac-12 conference, quality marketing for the athletic program. Good coaches and recruiters can win there.
  24. Collegewhispers

    Oct 27, 2011
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    There were a lot of unhappy players and apparently parents were contacting the AD with complaints about the staff. This happens too often in this day and age but the record seems to reflect that and the AD addressed these issues with the coach after the season. Again I think this will be good for Asheville.

    In her defense though Texas Southern is a better funded program and UNCA doesn’t have a lot of support. Maybe it was a better situation in Texas. Still one season and leaving for another position does look pretty bad.
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    Weak AD.........

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