2017 U.S. Open Cup schedule

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    As some of you know, and as mentioned in all of my league ELO rating posts this year, I kept using the prior "D2" as NASL, and the prior "D3" as USL, even though both of those leagues received D2 sanctioning.

    With the recent news of NASL being denied D2 sanctioning, I have been putting some thought into what I should do with my ratings.

    In 2011, when the actual division between those leagues happened, it seemed appropriate to have them inherit prior league's ratings for the division they were classified as. This was very helpful at the time because it allowed for more accurate ratings at the time. New leagues start at 1500, and take a while to settle into their appropriate positions. So if I had started them from scratch at that time, their ratings (and somewhat those of the other leagues) would be largely meaningless. However, the historical ratings aren't as important at this point, and there has been more than enough time for the leagues to properly settle into an appropriate rating.

    Because of this, I have made a copy of my spreadsheet, and changed all instances of "D2", starting with 2011 and running through the present, to "NASL". I have done the same with "D3" and "USL". At the end of 2010, D2 had a rating of 1642, and D3 a rating of 1560. This is only important because essentially those ratings died at that point. Since ELO ratings are a zero-sum game, and NASL and USL both have over a 1500 score, that means that the overall "score" of other leagues have dropped to compensate. This isn't particularly important, since it is the difference in ratings which matter, not the absolute value.

    2017 Old178716301610134112841347
    2017 Old Diffs 1572026857-63
    2017 New174515801574131412601323
    2017 New Diffs 165626054-63

    Basically, there is some difference between the table. Most notably NASL and USL end up closer in this one. However, it isn't by a lot, and I think this might be the best way forward. Especially if we get some new leagues starting, like NISA.

    Please let me know what you think.
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    2017 U.S. Open Cup


    Wednesday, September 20
    Sporting Kansas City (MLS) 2-1 NY Red Bulls (MLS)

    Kansas City wins their 4th Open Cup. That ties them with Chicago and Seattle for the most by a MLS team.
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