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    overall, I would give the mvp to Ashley Lawrence(she shut down Marta in the bronze medal game for instance as well as that strong front line of the Matildas---Kerr, Foord, Devanna ect. And even assisted in couple of CA's goals

    champiomship game wise should go to Marzosan, but do believe there were a few unsung heroes for Germany; normally considered quite slow, Bartusiak & Krahn made this time an excellent combo off sides specialists(and I always thought you needed a 4-line, lol), and can't forget the gk, Shult in her almost Botang like role of racing out the penalty area when the faster Swedish attackers did indeed break through the defense.

    heads up for Neid(as coach of tourney), she got the best out of all of her players, same can't be said about the other coaches except maybe for Herdman
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    congratulations to germany for winning gold.

    congratulations to sweden for winning silver. it was pragmatic.

    congratulations to canada for winning bronze. second third place in a row. promising.

    now i anxiously await ussoccer's response to their first big failure. expect more of the same as woso develops, if the u.s. doesn't improve their player development even further.
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    Rio 2016 -DOMINATION

    And if Michael Phelps were his own country, he'd rank 3rd all time in total swimming medals won.
    Only two nations in swimming history have ever won more Olympic medals than Phelps, and USA is one of them.

    USA nearly doubled China in Gold Medals and Total Modals won

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    I don't think there's ever been Golden Ball or Golden Gloves awards for the Olympics. But we could do our own here at BS. :)
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    Women's football worldwide took a step back in these Olympic games.
    It's the first time that has happened since 1995 (when the World Cup was less of a success than 1991).

    Brazil's women will now have a higher uphill battle to get more funding in relation to their male counterparts.
    The gap between Brazil's men's team vs. their women's team will now be larger in % of funding invested.
    The men's team won gold in dramatic fashion. The women's team didn't even medal on their own turf.
    Today, no one in Brazil is talking about or caring about the women's team. It's all the men's team.

    Japan didn't even qualify for this tournament.
    The team that qualified in their place (Australia) didn't put out a very good performance in terms of perseverance.
    Australia is used to not being here from AFC qualification at the Olympics, and it showed.
    China was very "meh" in this tournament from Asia as well. Only a victory over South Africa, that no one saw.

    Germany was less impressive in this tournament than we have ever seen in any single tournament. They still won.
    I fail to believe it's because they are that much better than the rest of the world right now.
    They are not. Every team here (except Canada) was not inspirational at all, and Germany just happened to be the last one standing. Yes, they beat Canada, but Canada also beat them (for the first time in Canadian team history).

    USA led by Jill Ellis put up a worthless tournament. It was the least successful tournament in USWNT history.
    France came, they saw, and they didn't conquer yet again. They were the most disappointing team here.
    Did they even score a goal in this tournament? They certainly didn't against the CONCACAF teams they played.

    Sweden was a lucky team against USA and Brazil. They were outplayed, but it was still brilliant strategy, because it was the only realistic chance they had to win both of those games. They got it done, but came back down to earth against Germany, but still could have won a Gold Medal if not for their own-goal. Mistakes? This is the 2nd time in two years now that in major women's international competition, we've seen it happen in a Semifinal or Final match. Laura Bassett last year in the WWC Semi, and now this year in the Olympic Gold Medal match. Not a good showing for the women in these two years, and thankfully Carli Lloyd did something special to sort of cover that up last year. There's no covering up this year. It was not a good way for this tournament to end. German fans will disagree, but hey, they won by an "own-goal". That was the single difference in margin of victory, and the official winning goal of the Olympic Gold Medal match.

    This tournament ended up being quite weak.
    Not because the USA lost. They deserved to lose, and should not win every major tournament.
    It was ridiculous that they won 4 of the first 5 Olympic tournaments.
    Honestly, they shouldn't win more than 2 out of 5.
    The world needs more parity in women's football, in terms of teams standing on top of the podium.
    USA, Germany, and Norway have now combined for 12 of the 13 major tournament titles in women's football.
    We need more than that.

    So coming from someone that hypes up and over-glorifies women's football, hear this ...........
    This was not a good tournament overall for the women's game.
    A lot needs to happen from now until 2019, for 2019 to be more successful than 2011 & 2015.
    If USA doesn't win in 2019, then go France. It would be good to see them win on their home turf.
    And if not France, than go England, go Australia, go Netherlands, or go Sweden, etc.
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    Yes, please!

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    My rough calculation of rankings for September shows that pretty much everyone at the tournament lost a similar number of points, so there's little change in the top 20 apart from Canada up 6 places. The only other major positive team movement will be South Africa, on the back of the draw against the host nation.

    1st USA -21
    2nd Germany -15
    3rd France -19
    4th Canada +87 - up 6 places from 10th
    5th England 0
    6th Australia -18
    7th Japan -5
    8th Sweden -23
    9th Brazil -29
    10th Korea DPR 0
    11th Norway 0
    12th Netherlands 0
    13th China PR -19
    14th Spain 0
    15th Switzerland 0
    16th Iceland 0
    17th Italy 0
    18th New Zealand -3
    19th Korea Republic 0
    20th Denmark 0
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    Meh, this is the Olympics... when has it ever been the main stage to showcase the best of women's football...? From Hamm, Prinz, Sawa, or even Marta, talking about this honestly, when has the Olympic's been the stage for witnessing genuine evolution in women's football?

    Personally speaking, my thoughts on the last FIFA WWC was that of it being the first time I'd seen the women's game regress within the 4 year cycle between it's events too, but that seemed to fall on deaf ears because the right team for many got to lift the trophy come the competitions end.

    Fact is we all know you wouldn't even care about this if the US obtained another gold; I mean most of your current displeasure is clearly aimed towards certain European sides doing the EXACT thing the US have done in the past to progress through the same competition lol.

    The women's Olympic competition has always been a watered down reflection of the superior WWC, so stop bitching about factors we've known for some time, when massive advantages like TitleIX will always keep the north american women in the forefront of a landscape many of their top wnt rivals still require senior level athletes to hold down second jobs, and train full time, in hopes of winning the sports top honors.

    Yes, these Olympic's didn't produce anything great, but when have they ever produced anything great...? That's simply not what this tournament is for.
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    Nat'l Team:
    I find some of your comments bang on but at the same time some quite disparaging to other countries. I found it a good tournament. CDN was the only of four countries returning to the semis from 2012. Was that a bad thing? I thought that was very positive. The reality now is that many countries are making strides forward. My CDN girls here in 2016 were a much better than in 2012 where we were quite fortunate to get by France. No go CDN from you for 2019. Hmmmmm I guess we were the etc. SWE beat the USA with a strategy that makes for boring soccer but won them the game. They were just "lucky". Pleeeeaassee. GER was also "lucky" to win the gold according to you.

    I will leave it to the USA team to figure out where their deficiencies were. FRA and AUS can also go through their own self reviews as well. All teams go through cycles and timing of peaking at major events is always difficult. Some teams just over or under achieve. The total tournament was not just at Rio. You have to earn your way and "upsets" can happen in qualifying. The total tournament involved the total world and you are just focusing on Rio. I expect the USA to comeback stronger than ever. We will see how other countries continue to improve.

    As for the USA domination of the total medal account. Since your team lost in soccer it is a little weak for you to come on a soccer forum and throw that stat in our faces. It may make you feel better but it is irrelevant here. You had a really good team , but they lost, What it does show is with your huge population and with the obvious excellent support that you give your athletes, you get excellent overall results. Congrats. Other countries of similar populations have not kept pace. We in CDN with a population one tenth of the USA, we assess our successes much differently than the USA. Because of climate, we are also quite more geared for winter Olympic sports. So we see this as a rather successful summer Olympics. Like normal, some surprises and some disappointments, but a really good move forward in track and swimming. Our women's soccer team repeating as a medalist is unprecedented in a team sport. At this point in time for many reasons, if the USA did not dominate the total medal amount I would be amazed.
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    Actually, most American fans (and N-1 of our players) have zero problem with Sweden's tactics. We see it often enough from CONCACAF teams.

    Well, that's false (and indicative of bias). USWNT have never bunkered against anybody in the Olympics, nor in the WWC. We've always attacked as much as we're able to. Probably since 1981+, we've never gone into any match planning to defend behind midfield for 80 :laugh: minutes. There's no team on the planet that makes us think we need to do that.

    Now, USMNT do often bunker in various competitions. But not in the Olympics, because we can't even get there :cry:. Even our men don't plan to defend for 120' and go to pks -- we try to counter, honest. Sometimes our longball counter beats Germany in Germany :coffee:
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    Poster didn't use the term bunker. Perhaps he meant playing stifling defence coupled with long-ball style which would be true for some periods of USWNT history. So perhaps not as false or indicative of bias if interpreted in that way. Either way, I also cannot remember a USWNT game where they bunkered for the entire game.
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    I only remember seeing a side finishing 3rd place or lower having key players winning individual honors twice in women's football, and that took place at two youth tournaments where one player only taking part in three games (Mana Iwabuchi) stole the show for pure individual excitement, while the other time it just felt like people were simply sick of handing out awards to players from Germany lol...:rolleyes:

    Plus the way the Olympics works 1) I doubt too many people even saw enough matches to have a genuine opinion on who was the best player 2) It looked like the three sides to medal here were all based around team work overcoming various individual limitations.

    Even the ability of magically pulling goals out of your ass during major finals like Cali Llyod, wouldn't be enough to validate any legitimate MVP status for the Olympics. I honestly think there's too much important stuff going on in other places during the event, for people to care/want to pay attention to such trivial matters of the male and female football tournaments MVP.
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    Of the 450,000 condoms that were provided for the athletes in Rio, reports state that less than 2,000 were left when the final tally was taken after the Closing ceremony.

    Lots of love was happening all over Rio.
    A female cyclist admitted that she had sex everyday, mostly with swimmers and a couple of gymnasts.
    A female from one of the rowing teams said that she was more active in two weeks than she had ever been before.

    And Ryan Lochte was one of the most actively sought and participating members on Tinder, the official Olympic app for picking up your next partner in the village. No surprise there.
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    Is Lotta Schelin over the top? I didn't see much of her from the olympics or the world cup last year...
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    Well, that pretty much been her hallmark for bigger tournaments most of her life. That part of the reason she played outsider mid this time instead of central attacker. She did put away both her PK's, and from the second most demanding position (teams first PK).
    But she may see a bit less playing time in the Euros next year and if she still on for the next WWC I suspect that will probably be as supersub.
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    Rio 16' - Out of 66 goals scored - 21 were scored by players under 23 y.o
    London 12' - Out of 71 goals scored - 7 were scored by players under 23 y.o
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    Curious, but quite expected: I don't remember in which thread it was noted that many NTs are currently experiencing big changes and evolutions from the groups of veterans that were the core of these teams for at least a pair of WWC cycles.

    Contrary to common expectation, not all times are equal for young players to get a chance to break-out at senior level: this is one of those particular times when many established players, who were around for decades, are retiring or going to retire, so women's football is going to face a massive overhaul. London 2012 was't one of those particular times... :unsure:
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    I looove Schelin , like most French people, but do you think with Blackstenius, Jakobsson, Rolfo, Schough, Hammarlund and those who will flourish from now till 2019....she will stay in the NT pool?
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    I think she will retire from the WNT before that but unless she do I think it is likely she will be called up, possibly as midfielder instead of attacker.

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