Alert: 2010 Away Season Ticket Package to Toronto, Kansas City and Columbus now available for $150

Discussion in 'Chicago Fire' started by Lineman, Mar 10, 2010.

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    For the last few seasons Section 8 Chicago has offered tickets and transportation to regional away games in a package that has come to be known as the Away Season Ticket, or AST. Typically, this package has included bus and/or ticket deals for matches in Columbus, Kansas City, and Toronto. It will do so again this season, and is now available on our store.

    Until March 26th the 2010 AST is available for $150, after that date the price rises to $175. An installment payment plan is available on the store. Prices include round-trip coach buses to each city in addition to match tickets.

    Prices for individual bus/ticket packages, to be released later this month, will be as follows: Toronto $110, Kansas City $80, and Columbus $60. Match ticket-only prices are $20 for Columbus and Kansas City. Due to the small number of tickets made available to us by Toronto FC, match tickets to Toronto without bus fare are not available.

    As anyone who has ever been a part of Fire supporter road trips will tell you, away games are a great place to connect on a more personal level with other Fire fans. Due to the whims of the MLS scheduling gods, the Toronto and Kansas City games occur on back-to-back weekends -- a perfect opportunity for building unity amongst road warrior supporters. Additionally, the Columbus game falls on 4th of July weekend, allowing for a patriotic ride to that Suburb of Detroit.

    Whether you've been on dozens of Fire road trips or if you've never seen a match outside of Chicago, the AST is a great deal to help you see new places, meet new people, and support the Fire to the utmost along the way.

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    How I wish I could make the trip from Montreal for this. But visitors from Chicago of all places will keep me in francophone country for that weekend.

    I'll catch the game on GolTV, so I'll be looking for you guyz.

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