2008, Best Season to Come?

Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by ritsoccer86, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. ritsoccer86

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    Jul 18, 2005
    I don't know about you but I am pretty excited about MLS coming around the bend here. Even though there haven't been many 'transactions' for big players, there have been a lot of movement among core team players, whether going to different teams or leaving the league. It's all exciting to me really, despite all the negativity upon low-wage salaries and salarie cap rules.

    The only sports I follow are soccer and cycling. Only one sport I actively do (I'm on an elite cycling team) while the other, it's my old childhood past time (soccer, I can't get it out of my blood). How much does soccer still reign in my blood? Well, lets just say my pop and I went to a pub (which we never do) to ONLY watch the US/Sweden game, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Good old times, talking soccer between the pop and I.

    So as of right now, I'm visioning Danny Dichio scoring some massive goals, Gallardo doing his ole tricks on other players, Emilio going on a frenzy scoring spree, and Beckham & Co. putting up a good show, Dutch style of course.
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    Aug 8, 2007
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    I can't wait for this season to begin. There's so many good stories to follow and I think several teams have made some moves to become better contenders. Although I consider myself a Chicago fan, I'm really open to any team improving and making the league better.

    DC: Using all of their international spots up with their new south american acquisitions including DP Gallardo, will DC maintain their classy play atop the league? I think Gallardo's passing could possibly even improve upon United's potent offense of last year. How many goals will Emelio score? With great support play from Olsen, Simms, Fred DC only looks questionable in back.

    LA: As much as it might anger some, I'm really cheering for this team. They are the team with the greatest chance to elevate our league and I'm really excited to see what their new coach can do. Will Ruiz regain his place amongst the league's best forwards with the service of Beckham? Could Landon put together a stellar season with 15+ goals? What acquisitions are yet to be made before the season? If they do indeed shore up the defense and mesh under Gullit's coaching, they will bring a new level of play to our league.

    CHI: As the team I can actually see play live, I pledge my fan-hood to the Fire. Coming off an exciting end of the season, Chicago promises to come back as a strong contender. With a good amount of cap space available (Armas, Curtain, Guerrero, Wanchope) will Chicago nab their rumored Frenchman? McBride? Razov? Zurawski? Blanco's percise passing, Rolfe's rising profile, Mapp's return, steady CJ,, beasty Conde, and the potential in Barrett and Carr will provide a steady backbone for a strong squad.

    NE: Losing several players and keeping an unhappy Taylor Twellman, will NE spend any money this offseason to bring in some new talent? Not known for big interntionals thus far, will the revolution fill more of the international roster slots. Could they bring in a DP? Figo? I predict a bit of a falloff for NewEngland this year unless they bring in some fresh talent and someone to bring real excitement to their franchise.

    NY: Now under Osorio, I see RedBull rising to the top of league. With his Columbian and English connections, I think he'll bring in a few new solid players to improve their weak defense. They do have one of the most exciting offenses in the league and I'm really excited to see what Joxy can do.

    That's all i can write for now, you probably didn't want all of that anyways. I also wanna see some shirt sponsors. Also Dallas will be sweet.
  3. Wild Turkey

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    Jul 12, 2007
    DC United
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    I think the level of play did go up some last year and generally speaking, teams are becoming more and more robust. Seeing Toronto's fans take to their team was a terrific thing to see- granted it'll take them awhile to build up the franchise. Blanco, Beckham, Angel all signficantly helped their teams - well, Beckham when he was healthy - and made those around them better. I wouldn't be too surprised to see another new DP - or two - before the season starts.

    I don't know that you can say the level of play is going to go up markedly this year but I think it's safe to say we're seeing increasingly consistent play across a larger number of teams and can expect this to continue. I wouldn't argue with the thought that 2008 will see the highest level of competition in MLS's history. I expect this to continue as along as the league's expansion doesn't take a toll. Which is possible.

    Somewhat off the main topic, I'll mention regarding DC's defense that we lost Bobby Boswell and Greg Vanney is most likely gone - both good players BUT we've brought in a speedy, big game experienced player in Gonzalo Martinez (who I feel will be a major asset), Burch & McTavish now have a year of experience under their belts and we brought in Gonzalo Peralta who's a bit of an unknown to us/me (6'2", 190 lb.s, 7 goals in 90 games & a team captain for four years) but he sure seems alright. We'll almost certainly be running a four man back line so I think our only weakness is we don't really have a solid sixth defender in the event of injuries/card trouble/general wear & tear (we have a lot of tournaments). Simms at DM also started to play better towards the end of last season and hopefully continue to do so. There'll be a period of adjustment with the new guys (and new GK) but I'm confident our D is better than last year. Actually, and I say this without any hubris, we're better in all parts of the field in terms of starters with the possible exception of GK. Depth, particularly at midfield, is our Achilles heel at this point. Sorry for being a bit off topic.
  4. MLS1FAN

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    May 11, 2004
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    Should be a great season and yes level of play should be much improved over 2007. DC United looks very scary with it's new additions of South American talents and these additions with the 2 Brazilians,Jaime Moreno, Gomez and the new D/P Marcelo Gallardo makes this team very deep and maybe the deepest in MLS, DC United should be very very scary in 2008!
  5. krudmonk

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    Mar 7, 2007
    S.J. Sonora
    San Jose Earthquakes
    The best since 2005...
  6. I don't agree with this. The league lost many good players to 2nd rate euro leagues this offseason. I think the quality took a hit.
  7. sitruc

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    Jul 25, 2006
    Did you mean to respond to the quote you did?
  8. taboga

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    Dec 17, 2005
    I think it will be better because the Dynamo will continue to win MLS Championships.

    [everyone should surf the web!]
  9. ritsoccer86

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    Jul 18, 2005
    Very good point.
  10. jade1mls

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    Jul 9, 2006
    I predict that the silky triangular passing of DC United this year will elevate the quality of play across the league. United will be possibly the most fluid team on the pitch this year.

    So yeah. Best.Season.Ever

    and no i do not believe in jinxes or bad juju

    i feel the same way about Gallardo as i felt about Emilio. he is going to tear it up.


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