2005-06 La Liga Prediction League Information

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    This years La Liga Prediction league kicks off on 28 August with the first week of matches. As in last year the rules are simple. I will post the upcoming games early in the week and you have until 0900 hrs Spanish time on Saturday which is 2400 hrs PST Friday here on the west coast of the US to submit your predictions.

    You pick the score of the match and get the following points depending on the actual score: 5 Points for correct score, 3 points for correct spread (goal difference), 1 point for picking winner and 0 points if you are totally wrong. Here is an example below:

    You selected:

    Sevilla-Betis 2-0
    Malaga-Numancia 2-0
    Madrid-At. Madrid 2-3
    Valencia-Barca 5-0

    The actual scores are:

    Sevilla-Betis 0-2
    Malaga-Numancia 1-0
    Madrid-At. Madrid 1-2
    Valencia-Barca 5-0

    The points you score are as follows:

    Sevilla-Betis, 0 Points (nothing was correct)
    Malaga-Numancia, 1 point (picked winner correctly)
    Madrid-At. Madrid, 3 points (picked winner and got difference in goals correct)
    Valencia-Barca 5-0 5 points for correct score

    Each week I will post the prediction scores for the previous week and the ongoing classification so you can see how you measure up to the others playing.

    Last years champ Perchik will be back trying to defend his title!!

    I will be posting week 1 later this week.

    Saludos y viva er beti manque pierda "Campeones de la Copa"!!


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