1950 Team of the Year Poll

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Who among these was the best player of 1950?

  1. Zizinho (Bangu - Brazil)

  2. Alcides Ghiggia (Peñarol - Uruguay)

  3. Larbi Benbarek (Atlético Madrid - Morocco)

  4. Jair (Palmeiras - Brazil)

  5. Adrián Escudero (Atlético Madrid - Spain)

  6. Henry Carlsson (Atlético Madrid - Sweden)

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    Nat'l Team:
    Hello, I'm conducting a poll to help further construct my team of the year list. Just to provide you guys with some details on these players:

    Zizinho (Bangu - Brazil)
    -1950 World Cup runner-up & Golden Ball winner
    -22 goals in more than 36 games (all the goals are accounted for but perhaps not his appearances. Unsure about whether or not he came off the bench in the first 2 games of the World Cup and how many fixtures he played for Flamengo at the beginning of the year before moving to Bangu)
    -He is often considered as the best Brazilian footballer before Pele

    Alcides Ghiggia (Peñarol - Uruguay)
    -1950 World Cup winner
    -Scored in all of Uruguay's world cup matches (4 goals in 4 games), including the goal that put Uruguay 2-1 up against Brazil in the final and won Uruguay the cup

    Larbi Benbarek (Atlético Madrid - Morocco)
    -1949-50 La Liga champion
    -19 goals in 22 games
    -The first successful African footballer in Europe
    -Benbarek may have been injured from September to November this year, as he didn't feature in any of the games at the beginning of the season and only made his return on November 5 in the La Liga.

    Jair (Palmeiras - Brazil)
    -1950 World Cup runner-up
    -São Paulo State Championship winner
    -He was known as the Zidane of his time. Check out this video to get a glimpse of why.

    Adrian Escudero (Atlético Madrid - Spain)
    -1949-50 La Liga champion
    -23 goals in 30 games
    -May have been injured at the beginning of the year (January; made his return to the La Liga on February 12)

    Henry Carlsson (Atlético Madrid - Sweden)
    -1949-50 La Liga champion
    -9 goals in 32 games

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