12 Days of RSL Christmas

Discussion in 'Real Salt Lake' started by Todorojo, Dec 22, 2008.

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    Since it is christmas time, and I have nothing else to write about in these forums, I have decided to make a song using the 12 Days of Christmas idea. Please feel free to edit it to your wishes, and maybe next year we will hear it on the radio sung by our starting 11! Or maybe not...

    To save time I will just write out the last verse... and I am sure you can all figure out how the rest goes from there!

    Here it goes...

    On the 12th day of Christmas the RSLFO gave to me...
    12 complete sellouts
    11 all-star players
    10 more yards wider
    9 dollar jerseys
    8 easy road wins
    7 more years of Morales
    6 New Signings
    5 goals per game
    4 season tickets
    3 refs with glasses
    2 good wingers crossing
    and a very talented DP!

    I personally think it has potential... even more so had I not written it! And although I really dont think we need a DP... it fits in the the song quite well.

    Alright have at it with your RSL Christmas songs!

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