10 red card 8 yellow - Ba-Vi Peace Derby

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    I see many push action here. Many fire in player, this very good. But what price? This happen in Derby da Paz. Referee Jaílson Macedo de Freitas very brave and his buddies give many support. He understand also what player want to do with resignation.


    reverse action view here - https://streamable.com/rihwa


    I provide also more report
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    Surprised it took someone so long to post this.

    Basic summary - Brawl breaks out in a local derby. A bunch of players (+2 subs) sent off and one team is down to 8 players. Later, another gets sent off. With the game tied 1-1, the manager tells his player to deliberately get a 2nd yellow to bring them down to 6 players. He thought the game would end 1-1 and not be awarded as a 3-0 win to the opponents.

    Game ended up with 7 players + 2 subs sent off.
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    I'm genuinely impressed with how the referees handled this situation. Obviously being on the field has advantages, but I tried watching it and calling out which numbered players should be given which cards and which players shouldn't get cards, etc. I had a nightmare of it!
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    I saw this from a friend who sent me this. Yes, I think there is a certain level of cultural fanaticism, passion and overall fierceness that we North American (US In particular) will never experience in modern soccer. My thought process when I saw this was "are they going to really continue?" I know at this level if you chose to abandon a match it's not be necessarily a decision solely on a referee but I mean with a brawl like this that thought is going thru my mind.
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    It's hard to have extensive thoughts on a situation as rare and as explosive as this. With that said, with the caveat that I have no idea what happened or how the refereeing team performed prior to the penalty kick, I think it would be close to impossible for the officiating team to have handled this better. At the very least, there's nothing that warrants harsh criticism.
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    Holy crap. I want those guys with the riot gear on my side next time.

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