10 Movies You Need to See?

Discussion in 'Movies, TV and Music' started by DoctorJones24, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. DoctorJones24

    DoctorJones24 Member

    Aug 26, 1999
    List 10 flicks you "should have seen by now, but haven't." Print it up. Put it in your wallet, and next time you're at the video store reaching for "Shanghai Knights," remember the list and pull it out.

    Anyway, here are ten I've been meaning to catch for a while now:

    Yojimbo (1961) Kurosawa
    Sunset Blvd. (1950) Wilder
    Bande a part (1964) Godard
    Paths of Glory (1957) Kubrick
    8 1/2 (1963) Fellini
    Decalog (1987) Kieslowski
    North by Northwest (1959) Hitchcock
    Birth of a Nation (1915) Griffith
    Some Like it Hot (1959)
    Grande Illusion (1937) Renoir
  2. nicodemus

    nicodemus Member+

    Sep 3, 2001
    Cidade Mágica
    PAOK Saloniki
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    That's the beauty of Netflix though, you get 7 or 8 quality movies a month and then you don't feel bad about getting Shanghai Knights. :D

    I will post my list of 10 "need to sees" soon.
  3. afgrijselijkheid

    Dec 29, 2002
    AFC Ajax
    off the top of my head, all pretty recent

    flirting with disaster (david o russell)
    the waterdance (neal jimenez)
    watch it (thomas flynn)
    lock, stock and two smoking barrels (guy ritchie)
    kicking and screaming (naaoh baumbach)
    suicide kings (peter o'fallon)
    the commitments (alan parker)
    the world according to garp (george roy hill)
    lone star (john sayles)
    the sweet hereafter (atom egoyan)
  4. afgrijselijkheid

    Dec 29, 2002
    AFC Ajax
    i realize this makes 11, but i just thought of bob roberts (tim robbins)
  5. GringoTex

    GringoTex Member

    Aug 22, 2001
    1301 miles de Texas
    Tottenham Hotspur FC
    Nat'l Team:
    That's what I love about the good Dr. Jones: this could be anyone's top 10 of all time list.

    Each director is a great one and has a film I haven't seen. So I'll make a must see list from the same directors:

    Sanjuro (Kurosawa)
    One, Two, Three (Wilder)
    Les Carabiniers (Godard)
    The Killer's Kiss (Kubrick)
    Fellini's Casanova (Fellini)
    No End (Kieslowski)
    Sabotage (Hitchcock)
    Orphans of the Storm (Griffith) Griffith is to the cinema what Mark Twain is to the novel - it's a shame we can't worship him.
    The Diary of a Chambermaid (Renoir)
  6. BadAzzSnowboarder

    BadAzzSnowboarder New Member

    Jan 14, 2003
    Malibu, CA
    1. I am Cuba - If you're into B/W photography, this commie flick will blow you away.

    2. Bad Guy - Probably the weirdest and most sado-masochistic love story I've ever seen.

    3. Jerry Maguire - Life lessons for all guys

    4. La Haine(Hate) - France's version of Scorsese's Mean Streets with a more tragic, but more overblown ending.

    5. The Celebration(Festen) - Effed up little dogme95 movie about a family gathering gone horribly wrong.

    6. The Big Lebowski - Funniest movie ever made

    7. The Ice Storm - Perceptive observation and a slight slant on the Norman Rockwell-like American family.

    8. Five Easy Pieces - Another life lesson for all guys.

    9. Buffalo 66 - Hilarious character study

    10. Amarcord - A nostalgia-piece from Fellini that has undertones of him taking shots at his own country's government and country during that time in Italy. Pretty funny flick.
  7. champmanager

    champmanager Member

    Dec 13, 2001
    Alexandria, VA
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    This is a good question, and I'm goign to spend a minute thinking about it...since if I could remember them, I would have FREAKIN' seen em by now. Right?

    Lots of people have told me Titanic and Fight Club I gotta see, but I ain't buyin' it, at least with Titanic.
    "A Mighty Wind" I'll definitely pick up on my next trip to the video store.
    The Bob Dylan movie which came out a few months ago I'll wind up watching eventually, but because I'm a bob dylan freak, not because I'm expecting anything of it.
    The new Cohen bros movie.
    American Splendor.
    God, I know there are some classics i've been meaning to see, but I'm drawing a blank. Ah, Raging Bull.
    Oh, and I just read a bio of Charlie Chaplin, three of his will fill up the list.
  8. nicodemus

    nicodemus Member+

    Sep 3, 2001
    Cidade Mágica
    PAOK Saloniki
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Fight Club I can take or leave, but Titanic is arguably one of the worst movies ever.
  9. Crew14

    Crew14 Member

    Apr 11, 2000
    I was going to go see Titanic when it first came out but then one of my idiot friends ruined the ending for me.

  10. skipshady

    skipshady New Member

    Apr 26, 2001
    Orchard St, NYC
    Yeah, I can't believe the ship sank! I thought it was supposed to be unsinkable!

    Well, the ending was so silly, I'm not sure if there was much to ruin.
  11. oman

    oman Member

    Jan 7, 2000
    South of Frisconsin
    You poseurs don't know what the *#*#*#*# you are talking about.

    Magnificent Ambersons. Original cut.

    End of story.
  12. Dr. Wankler

    Dr. Wankler Member+

    May 2, 2001
    The Electric City
    Chicago Fire
    8 1/2
    The Gospel According to St. Matthew
    The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick
    Through the Olive Trees
    Secrets and Lies
    Lethal Weapon I, II, III, IV, and V
    The Casa de Los Babies
    Shane (the Director's cut where the kid gets it at the end)
    The Magnificent Seven
  13. 655321

    655321 New Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    The Mission, SF
    I must be the only person in the world that didn't like this movie.
  14. billyireland

    billyireland Member+

    May 4, 2003
    Sydney, Australia
    Yes, you must... other funny movie: National Lampoons Loaded Weapon, my favourite NL movie
  15. Iceblink

    Iceblink Member

    Oct 11, 1999
    Ipswich Town FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    It did nothing for me.

  16. Dr. Wankler

    Dr. Wankler Member+

    May 2, 2001
    The Electric City
    Chicago Fire
  17. riverplate

    riverplate Member+

    Jan 1, 2003
    Corona, Queens
    CA River Plate
    This doesn't exist. And it's Welles' fault for walking out to go to Rio before the editing was done. But he was great at never finishing what he started and then blaming the rest of the world.
  18. soccertom

    soccertom New Member

    Jun 2, 1999
    Mystic River
    Under The Tuscan Sun
    Lord of the Rings The Two Towers
    One Hour Photo
    In The Cut
    Kill Bill
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Das Boot
    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
    Finding Nemo

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