10/30/04 10am: Gregorio : Darlington County- Wycombe Wanderers {R}

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    Driving in to darlington county
    Me and wayne on the fourth of july
    Driving in to darlington county
    Looking for some work on the county line
    We drove down from new york city
    Where the girls are pretty but they just want to know your name
    Driving in to darlington city
    Got a union connection with an uncle of wayne's
    We drove eight hundred miles without seeing a cop
    We got rock and roll music blasting off the t-top singing

    Sha la la la la la la la la, sha la la la la la la

    Hey little girl standing on the corner
    Today's your lucky day for sure all right
    Me and my buddy we're from new york city
    We got two hundred dollars we want to rock all night
    Girl you're looking at two big spenders
    Why the world don't know what me and wayne might do

    -Da Boss

    Gregorio starts.

    1-0 35' to the good for Darlington

    Wijnhard converts the PK

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