10/19/04: Training Wheels

Discussion in 'The Beautiful Game' started by GPK, Oct 19, 2004.

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    I dunno, I'm probably the biggest Jones basher around, but earlier this year he wrote some pretty positive articles - more importantly, he WENT and reported on Galaxy games at the HDC - then the sports coverage at the Times was cut and the Galaxy weren't doing so well, I don't know if he got bitter, but he just went back to his standard Anglophile-centric bashing of MLS. It's his default position.

    I'm not sure I don't resent it more now knowing he's actually capable of something different.
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    Having not seen these articles, i'm guessing they had not yet been posted....

    BigSoccer, the Leading Online Destination for Soccer Fans, Launches an All-New Online Store: BigSoccerShop.com
    Publish Date : 10/19/2004 12:17:00 PM

    Console Elation
    Taking on Freddy Adu in PlayStation 2 is a trip worth taking
    I did not realize how realistically Dema is portrayed on video games :D ...Unfortunately, the comments on Woly are also dead-on....

    U.S. team set to take shot at Cup berth
    By Kent McDill Daily Herald Sports Writer
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    from this article:
    "Arena said the decision (to give the captain's armband to Landon) was based in part in Donovan's ability to speak Spanish, which allowed him to communicate with the game's Guatemalan referee."

    Wow, looks like Arena, for is decision, will be facing the same kind of lawsuits that Chivas USA will be facing for employment discrimination against non-Spanish speaking players. ;)
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    Man that's a good article. Cool to see more n more mainstream writers with a working knowledge of MLS.

    I wonder if the writer can, as a writer for SLAM magazine, get Tony Parker to hook him up with a chance to play Thierry Henry in FIFA2005.
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    Apparently he never watched NASCAR before the Chase for the Cup format. The most exciting stuff was usually early to the middle of the season. You were lucky if there was a race during the last 1/4 of the schedule. If someone had a huge lead, it was really a drag to be interested in the races.

    College football is kinda the same way. Since only 2 out of nearly 120 teams are deemed worthy by the spooky men in the sky (voters) of playing for the championship, your season is basically shot once you lose 1 game.

    The only point I'll make on the MLS playoffs is fewer teams in. I just don't like more than 50% of your teams making the playoffs. Bruce Arena had a point or two because your ninth-best team during the regular season could end up winning it all just by getting on fire in October-November.

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