Dan Loney

Dan Loney

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    1. cwilke1
      Dan - on your most recent blog you said "The real pity here is that it's incredibly unlikely that the fans who are currently missing the show aren't very likely to see anything as good again." I think you meant to type "The real pity here is that it's incredibly unlikely that the fans who are currently missing the show are going to see anything as good again. "
    2. The_Ponce
      No Seattle post? You made one about Colin Clark, why not Marc Burch? Are you afraid? Yep...I thought so. Hypocrite.
      1. Dan Loney
        Dan Loney
        When Sounders fans flip off a tolerance flag, I'll post about it.
        Nov 11, 2012
    3. Achowat
      That rep literally made my day. Keep up the good work, love the blog posts
    4. RogerMillaLives!
      Title for your next post: "Bex to miss Gals game to do laundry. 'No clean socks' says star."
    5. junion
      i will like to be ur friend
    6. Duiz
      Dan, your awesome. You have a candidly creative way to deliver the truth, like no other blogger.
    7. ag944
      Hey Dan, don't know if you remember me from the early Galaxian days, but I thought I'd let you know that my book, "The Biggest Party on the Planet: An American at the World Cup" is now available on Amazon.


      I hope you enjoy it half as much as I enjoy your blogging.

      USA all the way.
    8. Q*bert Jones III
      Q*bert Jones III
      Or this, which I think was written by a member of the old anarchist punk band Crass.
    9. Q*bert Jones III
      Q*bert Jones III
      Hi Dan, This is all kinds of funny.
    10. Miamisoccer1
    11. Dan Loney
      Dan Loney
      Yup. I slipped up like a John Terry penalty kick.
    12. Edcombs
      So Dan do you still think Liverpool will reach the final?I think you are done and you totally got it wrong by under estimating Chelsea.Meanwhile Arsenal will be progressing.
    13. kgilbert78
      Hey Dan--did you happen to read my post on horses, Mongo, and crowd control over on the Crew board or was it just a case of two great minds thinking alike?? Great blog entry, BTW....
    14. Edcombs
      Where do you always post your blogs?and do you think Arsenal will win the champions league?
    15. RevsLiverpool
      Dan congrats on the new addition to your family!
      Just read something that you may find interest if you want some easy fodder for a rant against the anti-MLS Media establishment. ;) The link is in my blog (feel free to expand as needed on items in my response to said article). All the best.
    16. kolabear
      Loonster: Hope family is well. I thought I'd ask you a question that came up on the women's forum because you count as a respected figure around here and the question isn't about Lauren Cheney and her college eligibility. Is it true that AP does NOT cover MLS? I guess I mean on a regular game by game basis. Someone made that sweeping assertion, which basically undercuts the whole premise of the thread since I passed along a report that AP was not going to cover the WPS. Obviously I can find counter examples (mid June games between the Rapids and the Dynamo for example / no mention of BECKHAM anywhere in the article) that seem to belie that statement but how many hundreds of counterexamples would I need ? Seems better to ask A RESPECTED FIGURE - if he deigns to answer.
    17. Edcombs
      First of all congratulations for your new born.Continue with your hard work and blog about real Madrid because they are winning a third consecutive title,what do you think?
    18. denver_mugwamp
      Hey, Dan, please pick RSL to win on Saturday. You haven't been right in picking Rapids games for months and I'm beginning to think that you have some sort of supernatural power to pick games wrong.
    19. ref47
    20. Going Mobile
      Going Mobile
      DAN, Congratz on the new baby. Life promises to get far more interesting now
    21. santeroatomico
      I hope you post a blog about TFC draw with Montreal. Upss...
    22. Matrim55
      Did you break out the "We are Scott, You are Laci!" sign for an encore tonight?
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