Promotion and relegation did not exist as a motivating factor for the players developed during the golden years of Brazilian soccer; they won three World Cups during that time.
A walking corpse is unnatural and unholy.
You’d think an accounting firm would be a little less cavalier about being off by 217%. But Deloitte obviously wasn’t being paid to think.
“Profiles in Courage: The American Soccer Fan Edition” is going to save a lot of money on ink.
[​IMG] It’s been a little over a week since the transfer window closed and the dust is starting to settle. This...
In the immortal lyrics of Justin Bieber, "popular is not the same as good."
Now when Silva and Crowley go to Switzerland, they can say “Deloitte” instead of “Reddit.”
Might as well say “Based on a true story.”
Scurry did nothing wrong. She’s a damn American hero.
[​IMG] On Saturday, the English league season begins. Amid all the excitement and optimism that comes with the start of the season there is a team...