First they cheat ya, then they beat ya.
Giants have been slain, heroes have escaped doom, cows have been traded for beans.
Exactly how would any Russia-England semifinal have ended? Either penalty kicks or polonium poisoning, both of which England traditionally has seen the worse of.
The World Cup champion went out in the first round! That hasn't happened since five times in a row and counting! Wait, what?
People are having fun, and at the expense of Germany. Let them, for God’s sake.
[​IMG] Two years ago, the England team lost to Iceland in the first knockout stage of EURO 2016. That loss may well be the lowest point in terms of how the...
Putin smiles and bows, the Russian mob makes a mint, the world smiles at Sergio Ramos losing, and Real Madrid gets their players back early.
People who think Rocco Commisso is a reformer should be kept away from objects. Not just sharp objects. All objects.
I wonder what the US men’s national team record is against teams that didn’t bother to put their names on the back of their jerseys.
[​IMG] As the major leagues of European football have drawn to a close for the summer, football fans all over the world will now switch their focus to...