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    With the World Cup roster selection, the Donovan news, and the continuation of the send-off series (not to mention the fact that the tournament itself is fast approaching), we've seen an uptick in traffic in the News and Analysis forum. This is great, and we've got lots of good discussions going and more than enough news to digest collectively. With all this, however, we thought it best to remind posters of the stricter moderation in place in N+A and our zero-tolerance policy for personal attacks and/or trolling.

    News and Analysis is for good-natured, constructive discussion and for respectful differences of opinion. US Men is for more free-flowing fan banter--the touch of moderators is lighter there. Think of it like discussing soccer in a classroom versus discussing soccer back in your dorm room with your buds.

    We ask that posters engage constructively with each other while avoiding personal attacks, drive-by snark, and calling out posters individually or in groups (i.e., "fanboys," "haters," "apologists," etc.). We will also not tolerate angry rants, political soapboxing, or turning threads into confrontational discussions of other posters.

    Since there's going to be so much activity in the coming weeks, we're reinstating our zero-tolerance policy for personal attacks and trolling. We'll be issuing forum bans to folks who can't abide by our stricter posting standards.

    It's always a good idea to think before hitting the "post reply" button: would this post make someone want to throw a drink in my face or knee me in the crotch? If so, it's probably a post that would result in a ban.

    We're not trying to sterilize discussion entirely, of course. But posts such as "JK apologists are mouth-breathing losers who know nothing about soccer and can't cut their own food" won't fly. Neither will dropping by a thread just to lay turds like "such-and-such a player sucks major ass totes lolz."* While drive-by follow-ups such as "me too," "lol/hahahaha," and silly gifs or images are not strictly trolling, they're also frowned upon.

    We're hoping to help make everyone's News and Analysis experience a positive one during this World Cup season. If you're looking for fan banter with more hands-off moderation, you can check out US Men.

    *Or however the kids talk these days.
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