Zamora turns down T&T call

Discussion in 'Caribbean' started by Scotty, Aug 21, 2005.

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    Oct 13, 2005
    In recent years the team as been predominantly of African Descent or mixed race. There is no limit per se, but there are probably social stigma and economic factors that push other ethnicities away from football at the senior level. I am no historian and I am not going to delve deep into social issues so I will generalize and take what I say with a healthy dose of salt.

    Trinis of East Indian descent tend to be more enamored with cricket than football. That said, we have had superb Indian players in the past and you will still see talent at levels especially at the junior level. But at senior level you are talking about making a living playing football in TNT which up until recently was not really considered a viable option for most non-blacks. The predominance of black players MAY have also created the sort of stigma you see with black sprinters in the US or white swimmers etc, ie. Social 'myths' that sometimes predetermine who tries out for what before you even try to figure out what your true talents are.

    The truth is we do not delve into race much in TNT so I don't have a great answer. We recognize racial differences but aren't particularly bothered by them on most levels. TnT football is much more representative of our nation's makeup at the junior lecel, but by the time you get to senior level you have mostly african descent and then there's our boy Birchie :D
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    Dec 15, 1999
    Dude seems to be changing his tune:

    Zamora wants T&T chance

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