You own an NWSL franchise? What if you had your own expansion team?

Discussion in 'NWSL Expansion' started by WPS_Movement, Aug 27, 2013.

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    "Your" New Team is Here

    What if you inherited at least $50 million (lottery, or whatever), and you decided to spend a chunk of that by entering NWSL with your very own created expansion team. Where would it be located? What city? What stadium? Do you build your own stadium? What players do you want to acquire for your team (I know everyone will say Tymrak. But who else?).

    Well, here is my team.
    Now all I have to do is win the lottery.

    Team Name: Grass Green FC
    Location: Cary, North Carolina
    Team Colors: Green Grass shade, Deep Carolina Blue, Dark Shiny Silver
    Team Fight Song: "Smell the Fresh Cut Grass" (yes, we have a band playing a fight song)
    Team Chant: Care oh Line uh. Care oh Line uh.
    Stadium: WakeMed Soccer Park (Cary, North Carolina)

    Team Mascot: "Doink" the Grass-toe-Naut (looks like an Astronaut, but the costume is made of grass)
    Team Cheerleaders: Sexy 22-26 year old post-graduate women (former cheerleaders) in Grass-Skirts
    Team Slogan: "Women of Beast Mode"
    Salary Cap: $300,000 (I'd be able to use my political abilities and get this raised another hundred-thou)

    Four team captains would be elected every year (Quad-Captaincy):
    One forward, One midfielder, One defender, and One goalkeeper (selected annually by player votes)

    As far as players I would target to acquire (they'd look good wearing the shade of Green Grass):
    - Lotta Schelin
    - Caroline Miller
    - Erika Tymrak
    - Sarah Huffman
    - Kim Little
    - Kendall Fletcher
    - Camille Levin
    - Melinda Mercado
    - Carrie Dew
    - Kaley Fountain
    - Bianca Henninger
    - Victoria DiMartino
    - Hayley Brock (speed, speed, speed)
    - Casey Loyd
    - Jordan Angeli
    - Chelsea Stewart
    - Jazmyne Avant
    - Niki Cross
    - Kristi Eveland
    - Aubrey Bledsoe

    Team Colors:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    United States
    Wow! Hard exercise here, and I'm not sure it'll really accomplish much, but it's interesting nonetheless.

    Team Name:
    Not sure. Name the Team contest will help pick name.
    Location: San Diego
    Team Colors: medium blue, yellow, white
    Team Sponsor (my addition): Sony Online Entertainment
    Team Fight Song: No clue. Not into that stuff. A good mix tape will suffice. Maybe with The Fitness, Black Eyed Peas, The Naked and The Famous, and others.
    Team Chant: up to supporters.
    Stadium: USD Torero Stadium
    Team Cheerleaders: maybe? What's NWSL's history with cheerleaders?
    Salary Cap: not my choice, really. Right, NWSL?
    Possible players:
    (total wish list without regard to current contracts, potential gelling, or much else)
    Angie Woznuk-Kerr
    Rachel Buehler
    Stephanie Ochs
    Caroline Seger
    Veronica Perez
    McCall Zerboni
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    Oct 20, 2009
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    Dundee FC
    This is fun. I don't think $50 million is enough, though.
    Team Name: CD Los Angeles (people can come up with their own nickname)
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Team Colors: Purple and Gold
    Team Fight Song: None, we're not a college
    Team Chant: Whatever fans come up with.
    Stadium: Either Drake Stadium (UCLA) or Weingart Stadium (East Los Angeles College) to start, but I'd want to build a 10,000 seater (expandable to 18,000 if a MLS team wants to play there) downtown (which is why more than $50 million would be needed).
    Team Mascot: None
    Team Cheerleaders: None
    Team Slogan: I dunno, I'll leave that to the marketing people
    Salary Cap: Whatever NWSL regulations say
    Captain: Just one captain, voted by team
    Players I would target to acquire: Anyone with an LA connection: Morgan, Leroux (Sydney is living in LA in the offseason, btw), Press, Ali Riley, Cheney (Holiday), and Whitney Engen are some I can think of off the top of my head. Maybe I'd take a flyer on Zakiya Bywaters. And if I could, I'd take Cecilia Santiago and let her start. Maybe get Anna Picarelli as a backup. Speaking of Pali Blues, I'd also try to pick up Sasha Andrews, Ashley Nick (if SBFC doesn't keep her), Elizabeth Eddy, and Ashley Freyer (there's some other Pali players I'd like, but they're juniors or below in college).

    Hopefully both Nacional Tijuana and I win the lottery, as LA and SD would be a great rivalry.
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    I asked this subject to the NJ man who was one of three winners of the $411M Powerball lottery in early Aug. He took the after tax $62M lump sum payment. He politely said No, but then added "what and lose my money for years like those Sky Blue guys?"
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    Dundee FC, Yeovil Town LFC, Girondins de Bordeaux
    Oct 20, 2009
    Los Angeles
    Dundee FC
    This thread clearly isn't meant to be about being realistic. Have some imagination. Where would you put a team if you could own one since NJ is already taken?
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    Apr 9, 2008
    Could you imagine the heated RIVALRIES in this league?
    These rivalries are brutal:

    Portland vs. Seattle
    Chicago vs. FCKC (black & blue midwest rivalry)
    L.A. vs. San Diego
    Sky Blue vs. Grass Green

    The list could go on and on ....

    Columbus vs. FC Indiana
    Boston vs. Hope Solo
    Portland vs. FCKC
    Sky Blue vs. WNY
    Portland vs. L.A.
    Grass Green vs. Washington
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    Dec 3, 2006
    WHAT are you guys smokin'?
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    "There ain't no Football lines on this Pitch"
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    And tweak your meds.

    And venture outside.
  10. WPS_Movement

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    Apr 9, 2008
    Looks like my team's logo expired after just one hour after creating it on Cool Text dot com.
  11. Nacional Tijuana

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    May 6, 2003
    San Diego, Calif.
    Seattle Sounders
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    United States
    Might make a cool jersey sponsor, though?
  12. WPS_Movement

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    Apr 9, 2008
    Yes, this would make a great jersey sponsor.
    Good catch. We should submit this to the league ... and to Cool Text. :)

    This would look really sweet on Vancouver's kits in 2015 ..........


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  13. cflsteve

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    Jul 21, 2013
    Philadelphia Union
    Now that Houston is in I would look to another Texas city, San Antonio.

    HOME FIELD Toyota park.

    I would want to meet with Spurs SnE to form a partnership. Starting with a 50-50 parnership proposal.
    with me hitting the lottery I would have the start up costs covered in this scenerio but for the long run being part of SnE would be the best way to keep financially stable in the long run.

    Joining the Spurs SnE would be to link myself with the Brand and the Iconic Black an SIlver colors.

    Team name be tied with the Silver Stars with the help of partnership with SnE bring Womens sports to another level with the WNBA and NWSL franchises.
  14. TsovLoj

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    Aug 16, 2012
    I know I'm raising the dead here with this thread, but this looks super fun.

    Team Name: Valkyrie SC
    Location: St. Paul, MN
    Team Colors: Purple primary, blue secondary
    Team Fight Song: "Purple Rain". I mean, what else for MN? (Maybe I should have just gone with an Erotic City SC scheme...)
    Stadium: Either the Saints stadium in Lowertown (upscale hipster area downtown with farmer's market and the gorgeous main train depot) or the not-yet-build Midway MLS stadium.
    Team Mascot: A valkyrie figure, obviously. Let's name her Brynhild, maybe?
    Team Cheerleaders: Probably somewhere between being TechnoViking.jpg and Minneapolis-sound funk imagery. I think a women's team should have male cheerleaders.
    Team Slogan: I feel like I'd want to pull a quote straight from the sagas here.
    As far as players I would target to acquire:
    Thematically, it might make sense to hire our foreign assets out of the Nordic world (Brynjarsdottir, Nadim, et al), and Kallman's a local, she'd be perfect in that regard.
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    Hartford Hearts, because Hartford seems to build free stadiums to whoever asks, and women's sports are relatively popular in Connecticut.

    There was a plan for a NWSL team in Dillon stadium next to downtown Hartford, I think it would've been pretty successful, but it didn't work out.

    Colors, I guess I would leave that to marketing people. My personal favorites in all sports are green/white jerseys. Also I like pink / black combo, like Palermo from Serie A. I guess pink/black or red/black might make more sense with a name like 'Hearts.'
  16. hotjam2

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    Nov 23, 2012
    Real Madrid
    I'll pick just my eleven players~~~and not to go with the most obvious and show there's still a lot of talent out there, nobody that played in the quarter, semi or finals of the WC!



    df....Schnaderbeck(AUS)...Kallerman(BOS)..Van Der Gert(HOL)..Robinson(KC)


    3 subs would most likely use, Freels(SkyBlue), Mead(ENG) Riley(NZ)

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