Yo Pierie, you wanna come out Heere? Kik Pierie at Heerenveen

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by Dave Marino-Nachison, Feb 20, 2014.

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    He is not currently on a trajectory that suggests a desire to move to the US. If he had more substantial ties to the US perhaps it would be more likely, but my guess is a US move would only be likely if he thought his chances at the Orange sr. squad had evaporated.
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  2. You're right but if he moves this summer to Feyenoord, Ajax or PSV it will become clear fast enough as he's then in clubs that automatically are considered the depository of Orange players. He will then soon enough know how his ranking in the defense hierarchy of the Orange squad will be.
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  3. Heerenveen - PEC Zwolle (zaterdag, 18.30 cet)
    Vermoedelijke opstelling PEC Zwolle © AD Sportwereld
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  5. Seems big match is to be seen in the USA:
    Dutch Eredivisie Heerenveen-PSV 1:40 pm. ****************** SUNDAY, February 17 beIN SPORTS
  6. For those who love an eventful match this is one to watch going by it's history.
    Heerenveen is the team with the longest home unbeaten record against the Eredivisie champions. It has been 7 years since PSV managed to win in the Abe Lenstra Stadium. Heerenveen is the only club with a 6 matches unbeaten run against them, which makes them the Angstgegner during the years the league titles were harvested multiple times.
    PSV must win to keep Ajax at bay, after the unexpected draw last week that prevented them from getting an almost decisive gap of 8 points.
  7. [​IMG]
    Steven Bergwijn in duel met Kik Pierie. © BSR Agency

    Well, PSV again didnot manage to beat Heerenveen.
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  8. Some people are urging to give Kik a call up for the orange squad as they point to the fact that the USSF is actively courting him.
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    'veen is such an unpredictable mess this season - flirting with the bottom, unable to get wins against enough teams (9 ties is most in ered and killing them) but they have also tied Ajax and PSV... it's getting late in the year to be so far out of the 4-8. Not a ton of points back, but seemly unable to win.

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