Yo Pierie, you wanna come out Heere? Kik Pierie at Heerenveen

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    Not sounding like a great day in the office for Kik. Not watching, but 'Veen needs to win these 4-8 head-to-heads.
  2. [​IMG]
    Heerenveen to the next round of the Dutch cup, but it was a win that was hard to get against amateurs Odin '59.

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  3. Kik Pieries competition for a CD spot in the Orange team gets tougher and tougher:
    Another CD youngster in ManCity stable:
    Sandler hoping for Manchester City debut
    Posted by admin on December 14th, 2018 07:53 PM | Dutchmen Abroad, News

    Phillipe Sandler is returning to fitness and is hoping to get his chance in the Manchester City first team this winter.


    The 21-year-old made the move from PEC Zwolle to Manchester City in the summer but has struggled with injury issues since then.

    Speaking to the club’s official website, Sandler said he is returning to fitness and is ready to be called on if Pep Guardiola needs him.

    He said, “I’ve been back in training for about six weeks after tearing my meniscus and I had my first full game against Barnsley in the Checkatrade Trophy.

    “It’s a lot different here in England. Physically, it’s much more demanding and Pep wants us to play a certain way and one that I am, of course, learning.”

    Sandler believes his playing style is one of the reasons he was brought in by the Premier League champions, “You have to be confident on the ball, able to receive passes under pressure and be able to start playing out from deep positions – that’s how I played in Holland and that is why I was brought to City.

    “I think my playing style is the reason I’m here now because I play in a way the manager wants.

    “All the central defenders we have at City are top-line players and it’s a privilege to be able to train with them and learn from them every day.

    “I watch every game closely and during every training session watch what they do, how they cope with the pressure in certain situations and suchlike.

    “It’s really good here – the players and the staff have been great with me and the I really like Manchester as a city and the people are really nice, too. I’m really happy.”

    The new year schedule sees Manchester City play several matches in close succession and Sandler is hoping to make his debut, “The main thing for me was to get fit and I’m getting there – not quite at the same match fitness level as I need to be yet, but obviously I’m working hard to be 100% fit and ready to play if needed.

    “If I can get an opportunity to be involved in any of the squads in the New Year it would be fantastic, but I just have to work hard and see what happens

    Meanwhile in Liverpool the 16 year old Dutchman Ki-Jana Hoever (central defender) is shifted into the first team selection.


    Ki-jana Hoever trains with Liverpool first team (Image: Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images)
  4. Iirc Hoever started in the AZ academy when Earnie Stewart was DoF over there.
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  6. Kik is going into a Dutch Cup confrontation with Ajax.
    The match will be played in this period 22-24 Januari 2019.
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    Jan 31, 2001
    Pierie with lots of minutes. One of the bright 2000 stars out there.

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    Jan 31, 2001
    because nothing else is happening...

  9. Dutch defenders increasingly debut at a very young age.
    Per Schuurs captain at 17.
    Kik Pierie debuted for Heerenveen at 17.
    Van den Berg debuted at PEC Zwolle at 16.
    De Ligt debuted at 17.
  10. Could Frank de Boer be targeting Kik Pierie?
    He told in an interview he's very interested in Dutch players with a Yank Passport, as these arenot a burden in the max 8 foreign players allowed.
    But they have to be of added value.
  11. This is what Metro came up with based on scouts reports, results in matches etc. for a possible 2025 Orange team


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    Jul 12, 2013
    i think he was speaking more generally about roster-building than about any specific players - but I could be mistaken.
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    You're right. As there are not many Yank/Ned players he must be on the radar, but that's just speculating from me.
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    Jul 12, 2013
    let's see who is out there?

    Desevio Payne, kik perie, kai koreniuk, sergino dest, maurits de baar, ashton gotz (german dual nat recently in netherlands), aron johannson (another non-dutch dual nat with experience in the netherlands)

    I could see a couple of these guys being good MLS pickups....

    Who else??
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    Jan 31, 2001
    fwiw, there is a lot of noise out there calling for various clubs to come after Pierie. Dunno if any of it is real, but it seems to my non-scientific impression that the "get Pierie before the big boys do" action has really ramped up - maybe his folks seeding the waters, or maybe just zeitgeist.

    Either way, he'll only last at 'Veen a few more seasons at best if he keeps on current trajectory.
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    While 'Veen are supposedly looking to cut their wage bill, there are at least 5 names ahead of Pierie they're looking to offload. They've got two very good attacking players whose contracts are up this summer who are first on the block. But if Kik continues to get named to the Orange and get the press he's been getting, dunno how long they hold out.
  17. @freisland
    Are the Frisian family members already glued to the weather forecast screens because of the polar vortex issues, hoping for a "Elfstedentocht"?
    If the predictions/expectations for a cold push from the North pole are realized on the extreme side of it we over here will go nuts (bongos?)
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    Jan 31, 2001
    If my father-in-law were still alive he would fly over for it! I'll keep my eye on the weather.
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    Started today at CB against Ajax and had an assist. However, Heerenveen conceded four goals.
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    May 31, 2016
    He’d walk into the XI for the mnt.
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    He also had the tying goal in stoppage time. Game ended 4-4. His assist was on the second goal.
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    Jan 31, 2001
    Very mixed day for Pierie, from sound of things. Started in the middle. Called out for one of the goals but obviously ver useful going forward. (I didn't get to see it, based only on reports.)
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    That's a great result for Heerenveen and scoring the tying in the last minutes is pretty impressive
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    Jan 31, 2001
    Certainly keeps them in mid table hunt, but still out of the 8.

    Bad for Ajax. 3 pts and they stayed tied with PSV on points... Slip 2 pts. behind now.

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