YNT-Eligible Players: 2019 US Open Cup

Discussion in 'Youth National Teams' started by Luksarus, May 8, 2019.

  1. Luksarus

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    Jul 27, 2018
    The US Open Cup started yesterday and there was participation of YNT players.
    Richmond Kickers vs Virginia United
    -Joe Gallardo '98 started.
    Lucas Mendes '97 on the bench.
    NYRB U23 vs Motown
    -Jared Juleau '00,Christopher Tiao '01, Jonah Conway '98, Vincent Borden '99, John Murphy '00, JP Marin '99(scored), Skylar Conway '00, Chinenye Uche '98 and Brian Saramago(scored) '98 they started.
    Salvatore Esposito '01(entered), Francesco Montali '00, Nicholas Schimbeno '00 and Ryan Schultz '01(entered) on the bench.
    Baltimore vs West Chester
    -Chad Poarch '97 started.
    Alex Kades '01(entered) on the bench.
    Lakeland vs The Villages
    -Raheem Taylor-Parkes '98 and Julian Hall '98 they started.
    Tormenta 2 vs Chattanooga
    -Tor Saunders '98 and Jarvian Wigfall '99(scored) they started.
    Sawyer Gaffney '97 on the bench.
    -Amirgy Pineda '97 started.
    Bavarian vs Madison
    -Simar Perez '99 on the bench.
    -Zaire Bartley '98 (entered) and Vital Nizigiyimana '97 on the bench.
    Laredo Heat vs Brazos Valley
    -Ivan Leon '01, Erick Monge '03,Jesus Ortiz '00,Zephyn Brockert-Kress '02, Edrey Caceres '01, Jaden Servania '01, Heriberto Soto '01 and Jalen Anderson '01 they started.
    Kaya Ignacio '02(entered), Faheem Patel '01 and Christian Molina '02 on the bench.
    Orange County FC vs Golden State Force
    -David Preys '99 started.
    Kevin Belmonte '97, Oscar Flores '97 and Brian O'Hara '97 on the bench.
  2. Luksarus

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    Jul 27, 2018
    Commodores vs Dayton Dutch
    -Tate Robertson '00 started
    Jasminko Dizdarevic '98(entered) on the bench.
    Reading United vs Philadelphia Lone Star
    -Kalil Elmedkhar '99, Brandon Hackenberg '97 and Jeremy Rafanello '00 ( 2 goals) they started
    Simon Becher '99(entered), Seth Kuhn '00, Spencer Burkhardt '97 and Oluwaola Ogunwale '00 on the bench.
    Greenville vs Tormenta
    -Christopher Bermudez '99 on the bench.
    -Daltyn Knutson '97 started.
    Tristan De Loach '02 on the bench.
    NY Cosmos vs Black Rock
    -Giuseppe Barone '98 started.
    -Ifunanyachi Achara '97 started
    Louis Meeks '98(entered) on the bench.
    Des Moines vs Duluth
    -Koray Easterling '98
    Jonathan Bolanos '98(entered) and Gerber Chavez '97 on the bench.
    -Sullivan Lauderdale '98, Liam Condone '99(entered), Jake Starling '98 (entered) and Aidan Hill '98 (entered) on the bench.
  3. Luksarus

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    United States
    Jul 27, 2018
    Charlotte vs Florida SC
    -Zyen Jones '00 started
    -Valentin Sabella '99 (scored) started
    Simon Vazquez '01 on the bench.
    Nashville vs Tormenta
    -Derrick Jones '97 started
    -Tor Saunders '97, Daniel Strachan '99, Zeron Sewell '99 and Jarvian Wigfall '99 they started
    Sawyer Gaffney '97 on the bench
    Austin Bold vs Roughnecks
    -Faris Abdi '99(entered) on the bench.
    -Mason Stajduhar '97 started.
    San Antonio vs Laredo Heat
    -Jose Gallegos '01(entered), Carson Price '01(entered), Leo Torres '04(entered) and Ethan Bryant '01 on the bench.
    Las Vegas vs Cal
    -Angel Alvarez '97 started.
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  4. ShaftBrewer

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    Jul 18, 2017
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    Also, Robbie Soronellas and Jack Casey for Tampa Bay Rowdies made their debut
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  5. TarHeels17

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    Jan 10, 2017
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    You're doing the lords work.
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  6. Clint Eastwood

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    Dec 23, 2003
    Somerville, MA
    FC Dallas
    Nice goal by Cam Lindley in the USOC for Memphis last night...............

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  7. ussoccer97531

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    Oct 12, 2012
    Lindley has a tremendous passing range. If he could learn to defend better, he could carve out a pretty good career and might be able to make the USMNT.
  8. Luksarus

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    Jul 27, 2018
    North Carolina vs Richmond
    -Tommy McCabe '98 and Manny Perez '99 they started.
    DJ Taylor '97(entered) on the bench.
    -Joe Gallardo '98 started.
    Louisville vs Reading United
    -Elijah Wynder '03(entered) on the bench.
    -Kalil Elmedkhar '99, Brandon Hackenberg '97 and Jeremy Rafanello '00 they started.
    Simon Becher '99(entered) on the bench.
    Indy Eleven vs Lansing
    -Emerson Nieto '01, Mario Perez '00 and Josh Penn '00 on the bench.
    Greenville vs Charleston
    -Christopher Bermudez '99 started
    -Kyle Nelson '97 started
    Memphis vs NYRB U23
    -Morgan Hackworth '97, Cameron Lindley '97(scored) and Lagos Kunga '98 they started.
    -Jared Juleau '00, Omar Sowe '00, John Murphy '00, JP Marin '99(scored), Kentaro Morrison '98, Barry Sharifi '97, Chineye Uche '98, Brian Saramago '98 and Ryan Minchagos '98 they started.
    Skylar Conway '00(entered), Jonah Conway '98(entered), Allen Gavilanes '99(entered), Sean Teixeira '98, Vincent Borden '99 and Samuel Ilin '00 on the bench.
    Des Moines vs Saint Louis
    -Koray Sterling '98 and Gerber Chavez '97 they started
    Jonathan Bolanos '98(entered) on the bench.
    -Patrick Schulte '01 and Niki Vlastos '00 they started.
    Colorado Springs vs Denver
    -Abraham Rodriguez '02, Sam Raben '97 and Matt Hundley '00 they started.
    Logan Dorsey '02(entered), Brandon Farmello '02(entered), Alejandro Padilla '01(entered), Luke Hansen '01 and Eben Noverr '01 on the bench.
    Sacramento vs Reno
    -JT Marcinkowski '97 and Sergio Rivas '97 they started
    Yosimar Hernandez '97 on the bench
    Orange County SC vs Orange County FC
    -Aaron Cervantes '02, Hugo Arellano '98 and Daniel Crisostomo '97 they started.
    Sebastian Des Pres '98 on the bench
    -David Preys '99 started
    Phoenix vs New Mexico
    -Devin Vega '98(entered) on the bench
    -Tommy Madden '97 started

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