YNT-eligible lower-division pro players: 2019 In-season thread

Discussion in 'Youth National Teams' started by Luksarus, Mar 9, 2019.

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    And they gave up 3 goals inside 25 minutes. USL Championship is just a tough level for what is mostly a hybrid U19/U17 team.
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    They should undoubtedly move down to League One unless they change their policies. Their players can't be learning much if 75% of each game is the other team waltzing around up 3-0.
  3. Kombucha

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    Jul 1, 2016
    -22 GD through 9 games.

    They know more about player development than me, but hard to see how it benefits most players to get smoked every week.

    How do offensive players develop on a team with 4 goals in 9 games?

    Defenders are least is trial by fire.
  4. Luksarus

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    Jul 27, 2018
    In my opinion, USL is a very physical league and that is noticeable when they send players under the age of 18 to one of their first matches in the league.
    USL League One is the same as the USL, unlike, they are worse technically, but if you watch games from Orlando City B or North Texas you will realize that it is not so good that these teams face low level opponents.
    When they send young 17 years old to hard matches, many times they seem to be burning them, since many people they would think do not have the level to be professionals or to be good prospects.
    Although sometimes also responsible for those bad results are not the players but the coach (as in the case of Tacoma or Atlanta).
    It would be good to create an exclusive league for the U23 teams of the MLS separated from the USL. The ages of the players would not be so unequal and there would not be so many physical and technical differences between the players.
  5. Balerion

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    Aug 5, 2006
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    I don't think a separate U23 league is the answer. The whole point of the USL partnership was to have players playing in games that matter, and against adults.

    Instead, outlier MLS2 teams like Tacoma that skew extremely young should add a few more young-20s solid-pro types to stabilize the quality of the team. If you do that well, like NYRB, you can find some real MLS contributors from that group, too.
  6. Balerion

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    Aug 5, 2006
    Roslindale, MA
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  7. Luksarus

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    Jul 27, 2018
    Well in truth, you're right. Teams like NYRB or Real Salt Lake have done well with their second teams. Portland Timbers 2 has many young players on their team but knows how to work with them, otherwise SPR and Bethlehem have not achieved good results. I think that many times it is due to the bad work of the coaches and some extremely low performances. What I've seen from Muse for example seemed too low for a YNT goalkeeper, and so could other players. But maybe you're right that by matching the teams better you can get other results with the youngsters.
  8. Peter Bonetti

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    Jan 1, 2005
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    One Coach who appears to be doing a pretty good job of negotiating the sometimes complex demands of an MLS second team in USL is Richie Williams at Loudoun United. I always thought that Richie would make a better pro coach than youth coach and I am glad that he appears to be doing a solid job in a tricky situation at Loudoun. DCU need for him to be successful - their academy needs upgrading and their facilities aren’t done yet. Richie appears to have stabilized the ship and gotten them competing in each game while giving opportunities to play for DC’s best prospects. While Loudoun is far from a model franchise, it is also far from the nightmare that it could be with poor leadership.
  9. Sup Bro

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    What’s the deal with AOC not playing much for Tacoma?
  10. Brotheryoungbuck

    Jan 24, 2015
    parts unknown
    He’s with the U17 NT.
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    Jul 2, 2007
    Yeah, I follow the NHL pretty closely too, and their AHL affiliates always have "veteran" (which could mean 26-year-old), career minor leaguers to stabilize things and provide some guidance for the kids. Of course, you don't want to crowd out your younger prospects, but you need to give them a stable, reasonably competitive team where they can develop. I think the AHL put limits in place on how many players you can dress each game over a certain age as well.
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    Jan 10, 2017
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    Other people have brought up good points, but I just wanted to add that many people view the U23 premier league as one of the issues with youth development in England.
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    Tanner Tessmann starting for NTX in a lineup that includes eight other YNT-eligibles.
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  14. Sombrerito

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    May 6, 2018
    Eryk Williamson had a brace for Timbers 2. He’s quietly having a very good season in USL kid deserves a chance like Ebobisse who got a chance himself because of injuries. Eryk will probably only get his chance if there’s injuries too
  15. Peter Bonetti

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    Jan 1, 2005
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    Thank goodness DCU has a USL team now so it can stop letting these guys go without giving them a chance to develop as pros.
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    Jul 14, 2010
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    Credit to @ShaftBrewer for continuing to do god’s work. Will Vint highlights, he turns 18 in October. Not sure what his contract situation is since he signed with ATL 2. Assuming he’d be on a free, he’s got to have Bundesliga interest right?

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  17. Dave Marino-Nachison

    Jun 9, 1999
    Impressive touch by Vint on a variety of passes. Also seems to collect calmly with both feet.
  18. ussoccer97531

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    Oct 12, 2012
    Was that the most recent game? I thought he was terrible on Wednesday. Kept losing the ball in the middle of midfield and no defensive contribution. Vint has good technique and passing range, but I think his decision making with the ball isn’t very good. He’ll often try a long diagonal that will look good on those every touch videos instead of hitting the easy ten yard pass to an open player. I’ve been much more impressed by Campbell, among the two academy players. Vint has the Zelalem skill set with some extra diagonals, IMO.

    Vint is in the lineup again today, as is Conway and Carleton. Puckerin, an ‘02 academy keeper, makes the bench for the first time and Goslin makes his first appearance of the season on the bench. He’s been injured. I believe from reading interviews by both Carleton and Ramos, Carleton has asked the Atlanta United staff to play him in the reserves for the time being instead of having him play 10-15 minutes off the bench for the first team. Ramos is preaching playing time as the big key for players to make the U-20 World Cup team and Carleton has gotten a lot of that recently and is playing very well.
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    May 1, 2017
    I was at the NCFC vs. Hartford game yesterday. Fun game as an NCFC fan and good to watch Manny Perez in person as he put in a MOTM performance. He did well coming in from wide positions and had lots of space to work with as Hartford was hopelessly overmatched. His assist to Kristo for the fourth goal was inch perfect and a really impressive ball

    Perez has been beat out pretty soundly by Dest and now Araujo, which I feel is fair, but I think his final ball is a little better than either of them. He has very accurate crosses and makes good decisions about when to keep them low and when to cut the ball back.
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    Jan 10, 2017
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    Any link to the articles?
  21. Luksarus

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    Jul 27, 2018
    Atlanta United 2 vs Tampa Bay
    -Campbell '01 (own goal), Vint '01 and Carleton '00 they started.
    Castro '00 and Kunga '98 on the bench.
    Roughnecks vs Colorado Springs
    -Stajduhar '97 started.
    -Raben '97 started.
    Rodriguez '02 and Hundley '00 on the bench.
    LA Galaxy II vs Rio Grande Valley
    -Romero '98 and Koreniuk '98 (2 goals) they started.
    vom Steeg '97, Vera '97 (entered) and Zubak on the bench.
    -Enriquez '97 and Cabrera '00 they started.
    Castellanos '97 and Martinez '97 (entered) on the bench.
    San Antonio vs Tacoma
    -Gallegos '01 on the bench.
    -Muse '99, Montana '01, Rogers '99, Drought '01, Kingston '01, Atencio '02, Robles '02 and Serrano '02 they started.
    Castro '99, Vargas '01 (entered) and Diaz '01 on the bench.
    Austin Bold vs Real Monarchs
    -Gaines '02 on the bench.
    -Powder '98, Pena '00 and Schmitt '97 (scored) they started.
    Jasso '00 and Arriaga '01 (entered) on the bench.
    New Mexico vs Portland Timbers 2
    -Madden '97 on the bench.
    -Farfan '98 and Williamson '97 (2 goals) they started.
    Hanson '99, Anguiano '99, Sierakowski '97 (scored) and Calixtro '00 on the bench.
    Fresno vs Orange County
    -Cervantes '02, Arellano '98, Crisostomo '97 and Amaya '00 they started.
    North Carolina vs Hartford
    -Taylor '97 and Perez '99 they started.
    Tampa Bay vs Charlotte
    -Jones '00 (entered) on the bench.
    Legion vs Loudoun
    -Opoku '97 (entered) on the bench.
    -Villatoro '01 and Presley '98 they started.
    Sandor Bustamante '99 (entered) on the bench.
    Memphis vs Charleston
    -Dally '97 started.
    Hackworth '97 (entered) on the bench.
    -Nelson '97 started.
    Roughnecks vs Oklahoma
    -Stajduhar '97 started.
    Saint Louis vs Swope Park Rangers
    -Schulte '01 on the bench.
    -Little '98, Kuzain '98 and Harris '99 they started.
    Pulskamp '01, Abualnadi '01, Rad '01, Davis '02 and Karani '00 (entered) on the bench.
    El Paso vs. Reno
    -Haji '99 and Rivas '97 they started.
    Sacramento vs. Phoenix
    -Penagos '02 on the bench.
    -Fernandez '97 started.
    Vega '98 on the bench.
    Ottawa vs Atlanta United 2
    -Vint '01, Carleton '00 and Conway '01 they started.
    Puckerin '02, Campbell '01, Castro '00 (entered), Goslin '00 and Samuel '97 (entered) on the bench.
    NYRB II vs Indy Eleven
    -Nealis '97 and Duncan '97 they started.
    Montali '00, Zajec '97 and Elney '97 on the bench.

    USL League One
    Lansing vs Toronto II
    -Dorsey '99 started.
    King '01 on the bench.
    Tucson vs Tormenta
    -Ejimadu '99 started.
    -Knutson '99 started.
    Reynares '98 on the bench.
    North Texas vs Orlando City B
    -Avilez '99, Reynolds '01, Evans '99, Almaguer '00, Roberts '01, Servania '99, Sealy '03, Rodriguez '98 and Tessmann '01 they started.
    Bonilla '01, Montalvo '98 and Collodi '01 on the bench.
    -Simeon '00, Bender '01, Tablante '01 and Granitur '03 they started.
    Herrera '97, Amer '00 (entered) and Hernandez '97 on the bench.
    Richmond vs Chattanooga
    -Gallardo '98 (scored) started.
    Keita '00 (entered) on the bench.
    -Pineda '97 (entered) on the bench.
    Madison vs Greenville
    -Toye '98 started.
    Bartley '98 and Nizigiyimana '97 on the bench.
    -Bermudez '99 started.
    Guediri '97 (entered) on the bench.
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    Oct 12, 2012
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    Combine this with what Ramos had previously said about his lack of minutes and what he has said about McKenzie.


    Today's game Carleton wasn't very involved. He didn't play poorly, but Atlanta couldn't get control of the ball, and was defending the whole game. He was the biggest threat in the Atlanta team, but that isn't saying much, considering they posed no threat. Atlanta was missing most of the players that have helped them have some success this season. They fielded a lot of the back up level USL players, who aren't very good.

    Vint had another bad game. He was at fault on the first goal with another bad passing decision to hit the ball to the wing when he had a player open in front of him, which resulted in a turnover and goal. It was almost exactly what I had described above before the game. I would've also expected more from the build up. He's the most talented of any of the defenders or CM's at building up from the back, but he was as bad as the others in this aspect today. Conway is basically a non-prospect. I don't see anything he does well. Like Carleton, you can't fault him too much in this game because Atlanta couldn't get the ball towards the opposing goal, but I've yet to see him do much well, and I've watched him play 10+ times.
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    Jul 27, 2018
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    Elijah Rice '98, a former U17 MNT player, is currently at ASC San Diego of the NPSL. He scored in a victory against Golden State.
    Alexis Velela '98 is also currently playing with them.
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  24. Balerion

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    Aug 5, 2006
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    It's always interesting to me to see where some of these guys wind up in semi-pro soccer. Christian Enriquez '98 is on the team too.

    USOC first round is coming up — that's usually a bonanza of where-is-he-now stories.
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  25. Luksarus

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    United States
    Jul 27, 2018
    It will be interesting to see some players this season of USL League Two
    FA Euro NY
    -Philip Atbashyan '97 former Metz player U19
    -Thriston Briscoe '00 (appears on the list even though they said it was on trial in Italy)
    Reading United
    -Quantrell Jones '00 former player U17 MNT (UMBC)
    -Jeremy Rafanello '00 former player U19 MNT (Penn State)
    -Seth Kuhn '00 former player U15 BNT (Duke)
    Chicago FC United
    -Luka Prpa '98 former player U17 MNT (Marquette)
    -Ryan Wittenbrink '00 (Indiana)
    Des Moines
    -Koby Carr '99 former player U18 MNT (Wake Forest)
    Brazos Valley Cavalry
    -Jesus Ortiz '00 player of Houston Dynamo U19
    Treasure Coast Tritons
    -Kyle Gruno '99 former player U18 MNT
    -Andrew Paoli '99 former player U18 MNT (UCLA)
    Ogden City SC
    -Milan Iloski '99 former player U19 MNT (UCLA)
    -Sam Tojaga '00 (Akron)
    Portland Timbers U23
    -Rey Ortiz '97 (Portland Pilots)
    Golden State Force
    -Jake Arteaga '00 former player U19 MNT (Portland Pilots)
    Orange County U23
    -Kyle Holcomb '00 former player U19 MNT (Wake Forest)
    -AJ Vasquez '00 former player U17 MNT (UCLA)
    San Diego Zest
    -Kelee Cornfield-Saunders '00 former player U17 MNT (Portland Pilots)
    San Francisco City
    -Logan Panchot '98 former player U17 MNT (Stanford)
    -Charlie Wehan '98 former player U15 BNT (Stanford)
    San Francisco Glens
    -Rhys De Sota '99 former player U18 MNT (Stanford)
    -Zach Ryan '99 former player U14 BNT, top scorer at Stanford last season.

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