Yaya's gruesome statistics on Pep

Discussion in 'Premier League' started by jeremys_dad, Jun 4, 2018.

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    Kind of rubbishishy article in many ways -

    for starters .... regarding the quote below - in the middle of the two Barca wins '09 and '11 Real Madrid in their last knockout game of the tournament fielded a team with only one Africamn descent player and only one on the bench. (Oddly enough - both were called Diarra!)

    " Guardiola's Barcelona team, which won three La Liga titles and two Champions Leagues in four years, featured only a handful of players of African descent, and only three who represented African nations internationally - Toure, who is Ivorian, Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon and Mali international Seydou Keita. "
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    and this -

    "Last summer, when Pep brutally got rid of [Wilfried] Bony, who had been signed a year earlier for a huge sum, I asked questions," Toure added.

    Bony joined City for $42.5 million in January 2015, but failed to start any games under Guardiola when he was appointed manager in 2016. Bony was subsequently sent on loan to Stoke City."

    Note: He was not sent on loan to a good team--- so maybe he isn't good enough to play in one challenging for the league...
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    Kompany, Sterling, and Gabriel Jesus all have African roots and they are essential players for Guardiola at City. And I don't think there's anything unusual about Bony's or Toure's treatment at the hands of Guardiola because Ibrahimovic more or less went through the same ordeal.
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    Dumbass I guess Sterling, Sane, Mahrez, Walker, Mendy don't count.

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