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  1. Eh...not really, the whole defense hadnot. If it wasnot for the goalie, they would have eaten a goal or six. I'm more surprised the goalie didnot more recognition for his performance than a lousy 6.
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    Perhaps it was the game prior.
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    Nope, his last match rated good was the last one in march with a 6.
    Schoten: Shots off Shots on target Blocked shots

    Reddingen: saves

    Match statistics:
    Hoekschoppen: Corners
    Kaarten: Yellow cards
    Red cards
    Overtredingen begaan: Offenses/fouls committed
    Buitenspel: Offside

    The NAC goalie saved 10 times, so even I was short selling him.
    As you can see from the stats the NAC defense only managed to block one shot which is less than 10% of the shots (1 out of 12), while the Emmen defense blocked 5 and had to let 5 shots on target with 4 saves by the goalie.
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  4. Voetbal International rated matchday 30 the Yanks with: Johnsen 5; EPB 5; Pierie 6; Nova 6.
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