Yale women’s soccer involved in admission fraud

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    She was not a manager though. Or did you give your managers numbers and put them on the roster as if they were one of the players on the team when you coached? How often did you add non soccer players on your team because someone “above” asked you to?
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    Not one person on here has an issue with a coach taking on a manager, even if suggested by an AD, Dean or another coach.

    Earlier you put blame on the SID.... so, are you suggesting the AD, or a Dean, or someone at UCLA with power asked Cromwell to do this? And you are also saying that Cromwell, playing for a National Championship, would be too afraid to say no? Are saying that the Jorge Salcedo Sports Marketing Firm were able to somehow maneuver around Cromwell to get Isackson on the UCLA team? Although in many reports it's stated that Salcedo worked with the women's program to make this happen.

    I'm sorry, but what is it you are trying say??

    You are failing to understand that she is NOT listed as a manager on the UCLA website, she is listed as a midfielder! Managers do not get photos in team media guide as players, they are listed as managers. They also don't get a player bio and uniform number!! This does not happen at the D-I level. The issue is that the young woman is listed on the UCLA website as a player, with a position, wearing a uniform, with a number, and has an odd player bio. This stuff does not get past a coaching staff!

    (the Isacksons first alleged bribe payment, $250,000, was made to Singer's sham nonprofit, The Key Worldwide Foundation, in July 2016 after their older daughter was accepted into UCLA as a student-athlete. Prosecutors say a sports marketing firm controlled by UCLA's head men's soccer Jorge Salcedo, was paid $100,000 by Singer to designate her as a soccer player. She said Salcedo coordinated with staff on the women's soccer team. Although the daughter – who has been identified as Lauren Isackson – played soccer, Wright said she lacked the skill of a "recruitable player." )
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    The manager narrative is laughable. The facts (roster, jersey, team pic, indictment) currently show that wasn't the case. However, the belief that Cromwell is innocent is still not beyond reason. Prosecutors don't always indict everyone involved but if Cromwell had any significant role in the fraud she would likely be included.

    It isn't inconceivable to believe that Cromwell was simply doing another soccer coach a favor. I know coaches help other coaches all the time with roster spots, especially marginal kids that just want to be on the team but know they won't ever play. The big question is when did Cromwell find out Isackson's information was TOTALLY fabricated?

    Will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. The Federal indictment indicates Jorge Salcedo sent Lauren Isackson's info to a UCLA women's soccer coach but doesn't name the person. They probably have evidence to support that fact if they included it in the indictment.

    None of the payments in the indictment reference Cromwell or Walters so that is good news. UCLA women's soccer coach emails and texts were subpoenaed over the summer by the prosecutors and the LA Times also petitioned for the information to be made public. However, communication regarding Isackson was likely verbal between Salcedo and the women's coach. I would be very surprised if they emailed or texted.

    I hope Cromwell gets through this but the optics of it all are not good with any outcome.
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    Just want to clarify. Is there any evidence that there was any pressure from above Cromwell to roster this kid? Lots of speculation on this thread regarding her complying to a higher power where there is no evidence to support this
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    More chips falling from the Varsity Blues scandal.

    USC's new AD Mike Bohn fires;

    Steve Lopes (CFO, COO)
    Ron Orr - Senior Assoc. AD, led the Trojan Athletic Fund
    Scott Jacobson - Senior Assoc. AD, also worked in fundraising
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