Would San Antonio Expansion Work?

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Would Expansion into San Antonio work?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. FC Dallas Sister club would be better

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  4. Both San Antonio and Dallas would work

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  1. cflsteve

    cflsteve Member

    Jul 21, 2013
    Philadelphia Union
    Just hypothetical, San Antonio could be prime city for an NWSL franchise.

    - In recent months USWNT has played a freindly at the Alomodome along with an open training session. They have also just returned for an open training session at Toyota Park.

    - Ownerhsip possibility: Spurs Sports and Entertainment. Owner of the San Anotonio Spurs bought the NBA team to assure that it stays in San Antonio.
    He is very into having pro sports franchises support the Community and vice versa.
    Since buying the Spurs he has gotten the At&T center built, Created the Spurs Sports and Entertainment.

    -Spurs S&E bought a dormat AHL franchise with the NHL Florida Panthers and moved them into the first class At&t Center and named them the Rampage. In 2005 Spurs S&E bought out the panthers and affiliated with Phoenix Coyotes and are now back as Florida Panthers AHL affiliate.

    -WNBA Silver Stars. After the 2002 season the NBA officially divested itself from the WNBA but each NBA club could keep their partnership with its brother NBA team on a franchise by franchise basis. The Utah Jazz decided not to keep their WNBA affiliation and Peter Holt bought the Utah franchise and moved them to San Antonio affliated themselves with the NBA Spurs through SS&E reanaiming them the Silver Stars and 2014 the Stars will be their official name.
    After not having much on court success for the first few years SS&E changed the culture and the Silver stars have been perenial playoff team.

    - Both the Rampage and the Stars have been branded with the Spurs Silver and black colors.

    - Stadium Toyota Park: although not owned or run by the Spurs is certainly a perfect modern SS stadium with a current capacity of 8K with all the modern amenities. Toyota Park is owned and would most likley welcome apaying tennant. It also is part of the Stars soccer complex with pitches and training facilities.

    -WNBA and NWSL cross promotion and synergy. A NWSL team owned by the SS&E would most likley take on the Brand colors of Balck and Silver and also have the stable ownership and commitment to promoting Women's pro sports in San Antonio as well as a Commitment to putting a winning team on the field.

    - San Antonio also closer to Mexico brder would bring more attention for the Mexican alloted playerslike Houston and also give Houston a Natural regional rival. Also I believe that Mexico pro soccer sides have played as a part of a double header with the Scorpians at Toyota Park.
    Currently there are 3 NWSL clubs that are close to the Canadian border Seattle, Portland, and Western New York in Rochester plus the possiblity of a Canadian city soon.
    Having franchises close to Mexico may help with the popuarity for Mexico soccer federation

    - Of course FC Dallas is also rumored to have interest in a sister club playing out of the other Toyota Park in Frisco and owned by the Hunt Family

    Just thought I would throw it out there and see what everyones thoughts are with a team in San Antone. Synergy with a strong ownership MLS club seems to be a solid way to go.
    Another way would be via another strong sports ownership group synergy with WNBA team along with other pro teams owned by Peter Holt and SS&E group that has passion for pro sports in his city of San Antone.

    Thoughts ???
  2. SiberianThunderT

    Sep 21, 2008
    Saint Louis Athletica
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    If SS&E were behind it? Sure; a top-notch NBA team might even be better than an MLS team. Might. But I'd be cautious about expecting cross-promotion to work well, whether with the Spurs themselves or with any of the other associated teams. Just the existence of a large sports ownership group doesn't necessarily mean much; on that argument, the Yankees/NYCFC group would be prime candidates as well, as would Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment. And SanAn is probably near the middle of (or low on) the list of desired expansion; returns to CA, PA, and FL are likely higher on the list than a second TX team, as might be a team in Canada or a team in NYC proper. That said, right now it's all about who has the $$ to support the women's game, so if SS&E were to buy in I'd say "sure, why not?". Seems like a stretch to me at the moment, though.
  3. cflsteve

    cflsteve Member

    Jul 21, 2013
    Philadelphia Union
    It could be a stretch but SS&E have really done a great job with the variety of franchises under their Umbrella.
    What caught my eye was the equality of support they put towards their WNBA franchise. While many NBA teams broke off their relationship Peter Holt and the Spurs bought and moved a team to San Antonio. And after a couple of season's of loosing they turned the team into a perenial playoff team showing that they care about women's sports.
    Expanding further into both of the most popular Womens's team sports basketball and soccer could work.
    Having a stadium of the quality of Toyota park also makes it an even better situation. As I said although the Spurs do not own or run the stadium it is run by a non profit organization and the spurs D Legue team plays in Austin so they are not against being a tennant of a venue, unlike MLSE, if it is in the best interest of the franchise
    The Spurs have also been rumored to possibliy be interested in buying the Arena Football team in San Antonio so they seem to be open.
    Although I agree and LA team and a Canada team would be high on the expansion list having a second texas team especially in San Antone that is very close to Mexico may really help to smooth the Mexican alloted player problems.
  4. holden

    holden Member+

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    Oct 20, 2009
    Los Angeles
    Dundee FC
    I think San Antonio definitely could work, but due to it's proximity to Houston I expect it to be lower on the list of priority than many other locations. If it came down to a choice between a MLS backed Dallas team and a NBA backed San Antonio team, I think Dallas would win.

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