Winning a group despite losing all matches vs. runners-up

Discussion in 'Soccer History' started by Gibraldo, Oct 19, 2016.

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    I have been wondering how often it occurs, that a team is winning a league despite gaining no points in the direct matches vs. the 2nd or 3rd placed team (or even further down the final table).

    Regarding world cup or euro cup qualifiers (which are leagues of their own regarding that topic), it is even more difficult to "achieve this", as there is a very low amount of matches and every loss 'counts twice'.

    For instance, i can only remember one occassion. In the 1984 euro qualifiers, germany lost at home and away to Northern Ireland with 0-1. however they headed to france as group winners with 11-5 pts., the same number of points that NIR finished, but with the better goal difference.

    Do you remember other groups or leagues where such occured?

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