When doesn’t 2022 World Cup qualifying start?

Discussion in 'USA Men' started by phillyfan593, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. phillyfan593

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    USA will start qualifying games this time next year right?
  2. Ironbound

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    We don't know the format yet, nor what stage the USA will enter after the recent unlpleasantness.

    But yeah, probably sometime next fall.
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    When doesn't World Cup qualifying start? Today. It doesn't start today.
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    Last cycle the qualifying format was announced in September 2014, Concacaf did the Round 1 draw in January 2015, started WCQs in February 2015, and USA started WCQs in November 2015. Since World Cup 2022 is about six month later in the year, the equivalent months would be March 2019, July 2019, August 2019, and May 2020. I'm not saying it will happen those months, and there are never WCQs in May. https://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/...-cuptm-confederation-slots-maintained-2610611 is FIFA's announcement on May 30, 2015 of how many spots each confederation got. I don't remember the timing, but I think it would make sense for the amount of spots to be announced before qualifying starts. In September 2014, Concacaf assumed they would have 3.5 spots.
  6. wixson7

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    May 12, 2009
    Should be a year from now, but FIFA hasn't decided yet on how many teams will qualify for '22. So format isn't even setup yet.
  7. Gutch220

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    my guess is Spring 2020 instead of Fall 2019 as usual depending on format. I know they want lesser/smaller teams to play MORE games so we'll see. Instead of those CONCACAF 'minnows' play a home & away leg and be done perhaps they will make groups.
  8. phillyfan593

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    Jul 20, 2011
    Any updates on this?
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    Not yet. The qualifying draw is in July, so I assume we'll get a look at the official format and dates before that. I assume that they'll use the same 12 team semifinal and 6 team hexagonal format that they've used for the past several cycles. The larger question is how CONCACAF will choose to run the preliminary rounds, as that's something they've tweaked with every cycle.

    The final draw for Qatar is in April of 2022, which means qualifying should end in March of 2022, which means the hex should end in November of 2021.

    The hex will probably encompass all of 2021, which means the semi final round should start next year in 2020.

    There's 8 FIFA windows between The qualifying draw in July and the start of The 2021 calendar year. 3 of those windows will be needed for the semifinal round. How they choose to spread those around, and how much room they have to spread those around will depend on the length of the preliminary rounds.

    So in conclusion, I'd guess either June or September of next year. That guess is based on a tower of assumptions though.
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