What Classes are you taking in the Spring?

Discussion in 'Education and Academia' started by The Double, Nov 16, 2005.

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    I'm starting my masters here in Newfoundland this fall, and am looking into the possibility of starting a PhD in fall 2007 or 2008, and I've looked at a number of Irish institutions. My understanding is that you not only have to be an EU citizen (which I am) but also have permanent residency (which I don't).

    Really annoying, as I'd love to study in Ireland (my field is Irish Diaspora studies (history)), but because I would have to pay higher fees and that fellowships/funding are harder to come by, and to be honest because of the fact that even though I consider myself 100% Irish, they're telling me I'm not, I'm not as enthused anymore. I'm thinking I would be better off trying to get into the American system. Will probably start a thread on this later.

    Regarding Spring courses, well this term (almost finished) I'm in:

    History 4009 - Death and the Afterlife in the Middle Ages
    History 4822 - Honours Reading Course II (prep course for dissertation)
    History 4800 - Historiography Seminar
    Anthropology 4071 - Studies in Underclass Life
    History 2210 - Canada since 1867 Survey

    Spring/Summer (May-August):

    History 4999 - Honours Dissertation (I'll be writing on Newfoundland perceptions of the Irish Famine)
    History 3??? - The Scientific Revolution

    Then I'm done.
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    Well, you're not paying Irish taxes, are you? ;)

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