What Are All The Domestic Leagues That Have Been On TV In The USA At Some Point?

Discussion in 'TV, Satellite & Radio' started by EvanJ, Apr 20, 2017.

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    With HDSports posting that Eleven Sports will show the Belgian playoffs, what are all the domestic leagues that have been on TV in the USA at some point? The games can be in any language, but must have been on TV, with games available only online excluded.
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    The Eredivisie but looks like FOX got the digital rights to that. Obviously, they're now trying to figure out how to (not) air it
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    Its almost easier to name the domestic leagues that have NOT been available in the US than those that have. The top leagues, including England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France get great coverage via NBC, FOX, ESPN and beIN. The so-called 2nd tier leagues of Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland and Belgium have (or had) TV exposure in the US. Surprisingly, its the northern European (Scandinavian, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark) that to my knowledge never had US TV distribution. Heading to Eastern and Southern Europe, most had US TV exposure. beIN showed a handful of Russian League matches. Now defunct Globecast TV was a pretty big business in the late 90's and 2000s. They had packages that included great coverage of domestic leagues via Romanian TV, Turkish TV, Polish TV, Hungarian TV, Serbian TV, Croatian TV, Armenian TV & Azerbaijani TV. Greek League has great exposure (almost all matches) every week on 2 channels currently available on DishNetwork - Antenna Sat 1 & SportPlus.

    Heading to the Western hemisphere, we obviously have The US and Mexico. CentroAmericana TV (available on DirecTV) shows matches every weekend from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras & Costa Rica. From South America, Argentina and Brazil are obvious but until recently there were regular matches from Ecuador (EcuadorTV) and Chile (TV Chile and previously on TVN). Venezuelan and Urugauayan leagues are currently covered by GOL-TV. NuestraTele shows 5-6 matches every weekend from Colombia.

    For matches from the far east, I am sure there is some coverage of the Chinese league on the dozen or so Chinese channels available especially on DishNetwork but I never investigate that. I'm trying to think if the J-League was ever on TV but I think that was streaming only via NGSN. The K-League (South Korea) I think was also on NGSN but I do have recollections of seeing matches on the old Globecast system.


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