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    Midweek MLS: Primer for action-packed Wednesday night of soccer

    Wiebe: The four biggest storylines for the rest of the 2019 MLS season

    MLS Disciplinary Committee issues decisions on Ali Adnan, Matt Turner

    Is the inexorable rise of the MLS bad for Scottish football?

    Caleb Porter needs time and support; not Crew fans calling for his job

    Impact focused on playoff race, not all-star snubs

    Slumping Toronto FC hopes to mark Greg Vanney’s 200th game with a win

    Revolution hire Dave van den Bergh as assistant coach

    These two rising Argentine could be headed to Beckham's Inter Miami

    Report: Atlanta United make record bid for Venezuelan Yeferson Soteldo

    Soccer stadium proposal hinges on tax money it was already denied
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    Bob Ley retires from ESPN after 40 years

    Bob was one of, if not the only, soccer supporters at ESPN in the early days and the only on-air personality to take the game seriously at times. Obviously ESPN has now made soccer a major piece of its coverage (especially on ESPN+) and there's no longer the concerns about when the network will treat the game with respect but for many years if you wanted to see quality soccer highlights you had to wait until Ley was on the Sportscenter desk.
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    Bob's greatest line calling a soccer game may have been during the USA-Guatemala WCQ at RFK in late '96...

    When, during yet another period of a Guatemalan time wasting / rolling around on the ground after an alleged injury...

    Only to have the "injured" player miraculously hop to his feet and re-enter the game, said of the Guatemalan Training Staff...

    "They brought some water from Lourdes."

    Good times. Thanks, Bob.

    (some of you may have to Google "Lourdes") :)
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    Indeed. Bob was never the most vibrant among ESPN's personalities but he was always class.

    Best wishes in retirement, sir.
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    He can't retire, he's younger than I am.
  6. Salvadanish

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  7. PTFC in KCMO

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    Aug 12, 2012
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    Why do i feel like now that Bob is gone, ESPNs integrity has gone with him?

    There was just something about that man. If he said it, you knew it was true.
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    But you still have Max Kellerman
  9. dougtee

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    Feb 7, 2007
    i would take bob ley at a leadership position in us soccer in a heartbeat
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  10. sitruc

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    Jul 25, 2006
    I had a feeling Ley would "retire." His contract negotiation had been going on for a while and become somewhat public. A lot of people really wanted him to come back, but Pitaro has shown less interest in the news and investigative side of the company than Skipper. I know some people wanted Ley to stay on if even in an emeritus role since he was so respected by people in the buildings.
  11. Gamecock14

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    It probably did not help that ESPN did not get the rights to WCs.
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  12. PTFC in KCMO

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    Maybe Ley will end up on Fox come World Cup time.

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