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    Here at Washington State, our woso team has been on a ~5-year run of upper-half to upper-quartile Pac-12 finishes. We sporadically scrimmage the WSU men's club team, consisting of random male students who goof off playing intramural soccer. They always win, by scores like 3-0 or 4-0.

    Ergo, random male undergrads with no coach and no structure >>> UCLA at UCLA, or Stanford at Stanford.

    OTOH, I think that's exactly why we play them. It's a simple and cheap way to get a crucible test of your ball control, against a team that really can punish your mistakes.

    Men's club 4-0 women's varsity is probably the expectation, so holding them below that means you're doing some very good things.
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    So.. what happened?

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